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A Path Within a Path.

Posted May 21 2010 1:35pm
Being in a new town, in a new house with a new schedule and new living arrangements can be, well, new. Its not stressful, as some would imagine, but just the opposite. I'm surrounded with family and the comforts of home. My girls are in a happy place... loving their new environment, family and animals!

Since being here I have yet to have an episode of heartburn... tummy pains... or anxiety. If I feel the beginnings of any of it I step out the front door and take in the beauty that lays just beyond the first step. The different birds that swoop in off the towering trees. The playful squirrels that hang upside down from the hammock and chase their tails up a tree. The peace of just being here.

This move, as scary as it was to make, was for the best. I keep praying everyday that God will continue to show us the path He wants us to take.

As for this weight loss blog... well, its still going to be here. At least for a little while longer. I am at 173.2 as of this morning. I will try to be better about posting on here... xoxox
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