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A New Year’s Weight-Loss Resolution Laced With A Little Luck

Posted Jan 02 2013 5:00am

Where do you stand on the state of your luck when it comes to those knotty weight issues of yours?

Are you lucky, or are you unlucky; or are you some of both? Do you think some weight-loss activity you tried could fail because you had some bad luck? Do you ever attribute successful weight loss to a stroke of good luck?

How lucky or unlucky do you think you will be in losing your unwanted weight in this new year? Will you be one of the fortunate women who is able to shed her extra pounds and reach goal weight?

If you have a one-sided belief that your luck is usually bad, will such a note of pessimism affect your ability to lose your unwanted weight? And what if you have a more optimistic stance about losing weight and see yourself lucky in this respect? What will believing you're lucky do for you?

Of course, some of you might say that belief in luck, good or bad, is irrational, and that you will put your rupees down on other more rational beliefs, such as self-confidence, skill, experience, motivation, commitment, and the like. But what’s the harm of throwing some good luck into the pot as well. After all, we all have some irrational belief in the New Year, especially if we use it to make our weight-loss resolution.


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