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A new month, and new challengs!

Posted Sep 01 2009 5:55pm
The G ive yourself AG ift challenges starts today. While there are some prizes and such involved, I've joined this challenge hosted by Shiela for the support. Many of these ladies were in a challenge earlier in the year and they were all so encouraging and supportive. I have to find the motivation and strength within myself to eat healthy and move my body. But having the support of others in the same boat really makes it a little easier. This losing weight stuff can wear on a person, but knowing you aren't alone really helps! As part of the challenge we have to post a scale shot and full body shots. I didn't download the body pictures yet, but I took this horrible picture with my phone this morning. It sucks admiting to all of yall that I wasted away the summer basically staying the same weight - but alas, thats what the scale wench showed this morning!

I could beat myself up about that number, but that really isn't going to get me anywhere! I'm frustrated, sure, but I'm focusing my energy on getting the weight off instead of all the things I could have done differently the last few months. I've struggled, I've learned some things and I'm taking that experience and moving on!

I'm also taking Roni's challenge. I'm calling it the Hundreds Challenge. I'll do my initial assessment this evening before my walk. I want to create on static post that I can just update as I progress and link to in my header, does anyone know how to do that in Blogger?

Its going to be a busy school year for us. Jon joined the Board for our Little League and will be coaching both Fall and Spring baseball for our younger son. I agreed to be on the Board for our oldest son's Project Graduation, a job which seems to be growing daily and it has yet to actually start! The oldest son plays baseball on 3 different teams, works and squeezes school in there somewhere. I'd like both of the younger kids to try Scouts this year and of course the Princess is also in dance. Since Jon and I both work full time its more important than ever that we make a schedule and stick to it! I'm looking forward to the upcoming 3 day weekend to finish organizing the house and putting our menu's & schedules into place!
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