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A New Beginning

Posted Jul 27 2008 12:00am
Why the change? Some of you will remember that I have had problems with my in-laws. Last night I found out that they have been reading my blog. Not a bad thing. But they took the one post that I wrote about my problems with the family and shared it with everyone. Apparently they put in their own names... because a couple of them took it personally and called Hubby last night. They called me names, said some inappropriate language and of course gave me no chance to say anything.

I am very hurt. For one, I'm not sure how they found my blog.. but I have an idea. For two, if they have been reading my blog then why weren't they cheering my weight loss on?? Third, I have never given names on my blog. I may say in-laws, MIL, FIL... but I never have never given names.

I write what goes on in my life. I don't make things up and I don't try to hurt any ones feelings. I write the truth. If they have a problem with that, then it is their problem.

I do not want anything to do with my in-laws.. .and the last thing I want them doing is reading my words and seeing what is going on in my life. If I didn't love my husband so much I would have gladly walked away last night. But I do love my husband.. and thankfully he is on my side.

So, enough of that. I have a new page. Its a chance to start over. My weightloss has been stalled for months. Maybe now I can give it a little more *umph* in honor of my new page.

Welcome to "The Tiger's Pride"
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