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A Must in Losing the Weight: The Drinking Water Debate

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:01pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

The Health Journal column in the Wall Street Journal (July 1, 2008) pointed up the ongoing controversy about the advice we' ve heard so often: Drink eight 8 oz glasses of water a day—to speed weight loss, and for overall optimal health.

Among the research cited by the WSJ column was Dr. Heinz Valtin' s (Dartmouth Medical School) 2002 review of studies on drinking water in the American Journal of Physiology. Dr. Valtin found that there was no concrete scientific evidence to prove that 8 glasses a day achieves either of the above-mentioned results.

One thing experts do agree on though, according to the Health Journal column, is that individuals need different amounts of water depending on the physical activity they are engaged in. For example, it goes without saying that if you are exercising, you' ll need to drink more water than if you are sitting at your desk doing paperwork.

Weighing in with a different slant, Weight Watchers recommends that dieters drink 6 glasses of water a day, specifically to take the place of snacking. Others in the dieting field also think that drinking water helps people feel full. And some people just seem to feel better when they drink more water.

Try this
What about you? What evidence do you have that drinking a certain amount of water each day leads to speedier weight loss or contributes to your overall health? Do some research (on yourself) and see the outcome. Does it match the skeptics or the converted?

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