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A Great Exercise for a Lean Stomach and Tight Butt!

Posted Oct 15 2008 5:46pm

Losing weight is hard work and can be time consuming as well. The key is to select exercises that work multiple body parts at once and help you burn fat at the same time. This way you will be toning and tightening multiple areas while losing weight, thereby saving tons of time wasted doing both weights and cardio at the gym.

With only a pair of dumbbells you can do all kinds of exercises that will tone you up and burn fat, getting you into great shape in no time! Dumbbell lunges, squats, presses and all kinds of body weight drills done in a circuit fashion can accomplish this. But there are some exercises that combine these movements to give you a better bang for your buck or time efficiency.

Once such exercise is the dumbbell squat thrust. Simply grab a pair of dumbbells, clean them up to your shoulders, then squat down. From the bottom drive yourself up with your legs and then press the dumbbells up over head. This full body drill will work your legs, butt, abs, shoulders and arms all at the same time. Plus, whenever you are working that many muscles at once, you will be sure to elevate the metabolism and burn a ton of calories. Work hard enough and your metabolism will be elevated for 24 hours!

Check out the video below for a great example of a variation of the squat thrust that will work your abs nicely too.

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