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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Acceptance

Posted Mar 31 2013 8:16pm

“Someday is now.”

How many times have you heard this: “it’s the journey – not the destination”?  I’ve heard it, and thought it, and said it about 306 trillion times. And how many times have I assumed that the arc of my journey will end when I reach my destination?  How often have I assumed that my journey is a gentle arc? A lot.

I’m fascinated by the fact that it takes time, sometimes a long time, to “get” something you think you already know – to “get it” on a cellular level.  For the most part, I’m all about the journey, but sometimes, in the back of my mind is the idea that sooner or later I’ll get to my destination – preferably sooner.

Sometimes I sense that my journey is painful (frustrating? annoying?) for others to witness, especially for those who know me well, or for those who love me.  Heck, it’s been painful, frustrating, and annoying for me at times! When I think back on all the things I’ve tried, all the machinations I’ve put myself through in the name of…what?  Arriving at my destination after having traveled a gentle, arc-shaped journey?

The journey has NOT been a gentle arc. A gentle arc implies lifting off, moving lightly up, up, and up, and then gliding down, down, and down until you land.

My journey has been more like a hurtling rocket flight, with moments of stomach-dropping turbulence, a lot of general bumpiness, and even a fair amount of smooth, effortless gliding. All the while I’ve kept at it, trying to stay in control of the rudder and the stabilizer.

At this juncture, the flight is rather smooth and pleasant. I’ve been able to relax and enjoy the ride, only needing small adjustments to maintain my flight path. But I know, in order to keep going, that I will always have to make adjustments…and probably some big, uncomfortable ones.

Years ago, when I decided that I wanted to move from struggle to acceptance, acceptance became my destination and I shunned struggle. Then I accepted struggle as part of the deal.

Here’s the funny part: acceptance is no longer my destination (nor a means to an end). It’s my journey.


Acceptance Quote

“I’ll never turn down my ambition because someone else is uncomfortable with the volume.” ~ Erika Napoletano


My name is Karen Anderson. I am the Acceptance Whisperer. What I do… how I help others …can sometimes uncomfortable. It’s intense. But’s it’s a good intense. Really. I know because I’ve been there and done that. It can also be a lot of fun. My clients and I? We laugh more than we cry.


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