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A Challenge for Michael Moore

Posted by Lela D.

A few fitness professionals have banded together to create this website with the goal of convincing Michael Moore to change his ways so that he may better serve as a role model to the American people. Moore's latest film, "Sicko", investigated the healthcare insurance industry in the United States and found it poorly lacking. The challenges want us all to think of healthcare as our own personal responsibility. The message is not about what's right or wrong with the insurance companies, but what each of us can do to become less dependent on them. I love it. "This is not about looking good in a bathing suit," states the website. "This is about Michael Moore exercising regularly and improving his diet so he can become a better role model for preventative care." If you want to see the change... It really is up to each of us to take care of our bodies, take our health into our own hands, and in doing so make a positive impact on the health of the nation.

Jim Labadie and Ryan Lee are asking you to send either an email or a physical letter expressing your desire for Mr. Moore to accept this challenge. Only short, positive messages please! There is more information and a form letter on their website.

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