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A bump in the road followed by a pot hole

Posted Jul 04 2012 7:52pm

Lately I've been ignoring the scale like crazy because life became a little crazy while my hubby and I were preparing for an anime convention. In place of my workout, I was going insane sewing my cosplay costume.


So fast forward a week from that I and realized to me horror that I'd gained back the four pounds I'd lost and then some. I haven't checked on it since but I must say I was very disappointed in myself. My husband was very kind though, in saying that it was to be expected with the preparations taking up most of my time, a recent period and the sheer amount of fast food that became a staple while at the convention.


It's going to be a challenge, working off more weight than I'd had previously, but I know I can do it. I have new routine I've put together that I will add to as it becomes easier the more I do it.


My New Routine:


- Stretching and Warm Up: My stretches are a combination of the stretch portion of Shiva Rea's Prenatal Yoga DVD, and my old dance classes's stretch routine. I was horrified to find out how much I couldn't do anymore. The warm up consists of some less intense strength training moves and a few Sun Salutations for my back pain and to slowly get my heart rate going.


- Squats: I also took these from the prenatal yoga DVD. I'm no where near being able to fully squat, but I'm determined to get there.


- Power Walk: I'm doing 2-3 12 minute miles using the pace set in my  Leslie Sansone DVD, but now I'm watching episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic while I walk instead of MST3K.


- Cool Down: This is mostly me swaying out some of the stiffness my hips develop while walking and doing some of the other moves from the walking DVD.


- Strength Training: I do a few arm moves with a resistance band since that's the least used part of me in the rest of the routine.


This takes me about an hour at the most unless I get really into the stretching and forget what I'm doing. Wish me luck!

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