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A Brick and a Race?

Posted Apr 20 2010 5:34pm

I did a brick tonight. The first one in a very long time. Every time in the last two months when I’d get to the point where I was ready for bricks, I hurt something. First the knee. Then the toe.

But tonight I did a brick. 25 minutes on the bike (trainer) and then a 2-mile run, which also took just about 25 minutes. It was a very slow run, but it was mostly a run. I took two short walking breaks. One to get my iPod off shuffle mode because I needed the right music for this tough run. One because my legs went from feeling like lead to feeling like jello. Like I said it’s been a long time since I jumped off a bike and went for a run.

But, I did it. I biked probably 6 or so miles in 25 minutes? I pushed pretty hard the whole time I was pedaling. And then I jumped off, took a swig of water and went out to run two miles. Those are the distances for Saturday’s race, plus the 400-meter pool swim.

I wanted to do this race in much better shape than I was when I did it in August.I wanted to beat my time by a decent margin.  But injuries, as minor as they’ve been, have put a stall on really hard training. Still I’m amazed that after work (when workouts are always much tougher anyway), I was able to pretty much pull off the bike/run brick needed for this race.

So I’m calling the event people tomorrow to see if I can reinstate my spot for Saturday. I had emailed them that I was pulling out early last week after I hurt my toe. I’m still pretty sure it’s broken because it still hurts, but it’s holding up well in my sneakers now that the swelling has gone down some.

If I can get reinstated, I’ll be racing on Saturday. I’ll be slow, but I’ll finish and as we all know, it’s all about crossing that finish line!

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