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A Ban on Soft Drinks in Schools could lead to significant Weight Loss.

Posted by sheryl w.

With growing rates of childhood obesity, an all out ban on junk food in schools should be considered. Soft drinks, for example, appears to be a potentially potent risk factor for weight gain. One study, for instance, found that each additional daily serving (about 300 mls) of soft drink was associated with an incredible 60 per cent increase in a child's risk of obesity. Researchers have shown that cutting down on soft drinks has a significant impact on weight loss. In one study, children aged 7 - 11 were sent to a school-based educational program designed to encourage them to consume fewer fizzy drinks. These children reduced their consumption of fizzy drinks by an average of 15 mls per day. Over the course of just one year, the children who did not go on the program increased their weight by 7.5 per cent. In comparison, the group who reduced their soft drink consumption saw a slight decrease in levels of obesity. This shows that even a small reduction in soft drink consumption may lead to large amounts of weight loss in kids.
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