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A 60 Minute Review of Weight Loss Surgery

Posted Dec 20 2008 8:10pm

60 minutes reported on weight loss surgery and highlighted the dramatic effect that the surgery has on diabetes, forcing diabetes into almost instant remission. And the remission is not from weight loss.   Patients leave the hospital following their surgery, often completely off their medication.   Studies done by Dr. Rabino of Sao Paulo, Brazil found that in diabetic rats, when the duodenum, the first part of the small intestines was bypassed, diabetes disappeared.   That is what happens with weight loss surgery. When the duodenum was reattached in the rats, the diabetes returned.


There is a dramatic effect on cancer as well. Almost every type of cancer is positively affected. About 100,000 people die from cancer each year because of their weight. The risk of cancer for those who have had weight loss surgery has been cut in half.Overall cancer risk is cut in half.


Also highlighted was that weight loss surgery is much safer than it used to be. Dr. Neil Hutcher of Richmond, VA remarked that the mortality rate used to be 1 death in 100 surgeries.   It is now 1 in 1,000, making it safer than gall bladder surgery and only 1/10 th the mortality rate of cardiac surgery.Even with the growing rate of obesity, only a small number of people have weight loss surgery. About 1% of those who qualify have surgery.Addressing the fact that some people regain weight, Dr. Hutcher said that the success rate is 85 to 90%. There is no diet or exercise regimen that touches it. The surgery appears to suppress the hormone ghrelin, which is also known as the hunger hormone. However people don’t get skinny following surgery.   As a rule, they end up 1/3 rd lighter.According to National Institutes of Health guidelines, if you aren’t severely or morbidly obese you do not qualify for surgery. There is a movement to have the NIH rethink the guidelines, although the NIH says there are no plans to revise the guidelines soon.

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