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A 2 Picture Semi-Sensational Sunday

Posted Nov 04 2012 11:08pm

Today was defined by 2 things and although it started out pretty sensational it ended just… ok. Actually it ended with me passed out on the couch missing Once Upon a Time. Now I’ll probably have a hard time going back to sleep yet I’m physically exhausted.

Let me explain.

This morning I was registered for a local 5k just about a mile from my house. I headed out about 7AM and ran to the event after shooting my #YogaADay shot.

I’m loving this challenge . It’s fun and makes me pause at least once a day to stretch.

Anyway, I ran my butt off this morning and really pushed myself at the event. I crossed the finish line in 26:25 just 12 seconds shy of the personal record I set in August.

I was ecstatic!

I’m not naturally this fast. It’s hard for me —really hard— but the sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of seeing my progress is such an amazing feeling. So amazing it’s really hard for me to put into words besides…

I am a runner.

I’m still uncomfortable uttering those words aloud but with every race, every event, it gets easier and easier.

The second half of the day was our yearly outing to Maize Quest . My Mom came into town with my niece and we headed out right after lunch.

All started out ok but it was cold and Little Bean was NOT having a good time. After about an hour in the maize he had had enough.

I had to leave with both boys while The Husband finished the puzzle. We then decided to call it a day early and warm everyone up in the car on the drive home.

It wasn’t our best trip there but we salvaged the day with dinner at Panera and some relaxing on the couch. That’s when I passed out.

So overall a fun day but a little challenging and I’ve done nothing to prepare for the week. Looks like Monday I’ll be playing catch up and folding an awful lot of laundry. ugh.

Anyway, hope you had a great weekend!

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