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9 days gone by

Posted Jan 27 2013 8:39pm
Hard to believe 9 days have gone by since my last post.  So thought I should come by and check in.  Things are fine in my neck of the woods.  Just going along doing what needs to be done.  The working on the inside stuff is going pretty well.  

Started a new weight lifting routine too.  It's been a bit trying for me as it's stuff I haven't done in awhile due to not lifting heavy for a long time.  So going to see how that goes.  They got new cardio equipment at the gym that I totally hate so trying to get adjusted to that which so far isn't going all that great.  Will be glad when the weather warms up so I can get back to walking.  So been taking some classes instead and that's been going good.  

Mike and I plan on entering the biggest loser contest again this year and this year we will be in it to win it :)  I'm still doing the burn the fat, feed the muscle stuff and have a really nice new group there that I've known some for several years. So I think all these things are going to keep me motivated and hopefully moving back down the scale some.  I'm tired of fighting the scale even when I say I'm not going to.  The truth of the matter is I always will to an extent.  I do believe though that as I get my head on straight with my self image that will go hand in hand with not struggling as much.

Been listening to my self help/self image audio books still and I'm just really loving that during work hours.  I can't listen all day but I get a few hours of the stuff in my head at least  which is nice.  Even if I can't totally focus on it I think it sinks in some.  I've re listened to some of it a few times too so that helps.  

Got to see my niece and great grand niece yesterday. Marie and I met them half way for lunch and shopping and book store time.  It was nice, though made me happy to have kids older now :) I think my niece and I are starting to reconnect.  She talked about her and the baby coming for a weekend and this year I will be invited to the baby's 2nd Birthday party in march.  So that makes me feel good.  I do want to know the baby and not be a stranger to her.  

Well I think that's about it for me.  Will try to update more often.  

Till next time...
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