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“Toe”- Ture

Posted Apr 06 2010 6:22pm 1 Comment

I was late for an appointment this morning and running around my house trying to get ready. I had a couple of glitches, like ironed pants that were ripped– how? I don’t know.

After drying my hair, I darted through the dining room where I actually don’t have a dining room table. Right now, my dining room is home to my bike and bike trainer. Any idea where this is going?

If you guessed “stubbed toe on the bike trainer,” you guessed right. But I didn’t just stub my toe; I slammed my pinky toe into the trainer leg. The bike trainer did not budge, not even a fraction of an inch. My poor little toe took all the force.

It was one of those “tears to the eyes” toe stubs, where you’re not really crying but the pain makes your eyes water. My first thought? I did not just break my toe. Actually, I may have. I didn’t have time to stop and worry about it. They don’t do anything for hurt pinky toes anyway.

I ran– hopped– upstairs, got another pair of pants, finished getting dressed and pulled on my boots. Oh, OW. This was not fun. I limped in to my appointment and when I got home, took off the offending boots to see the reason my favorite, most comfortable shoes felt like a torture device. My toe was twice its normal size and completely black and blue. I spent most of the rest of the day in slippers or barefoot. It doesn’t seem to hurt as much sans shoes.

Needless to say, today was a rest day. Scrapped my planned run because I don’t think that would worked out too well. I tested the toe in sneakers and various shoes.  Shoes just aggravated it. I’m not sure what I’ll wear to work on my feet tomorrow. Maybe it will be warm enough for sandals?

I will tough it out tomorrow if I can. My sister said if I tape the hurt  little toe to the one next to it, it shouldn’t hurt when I run. I hope she’s right. There’s no time for slacking now.

Hey, can I count this as a “training injury” since I hurt my toe on training equipment? :-)

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