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‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show’ Episode 412: Dr. Raj Nijhawan Warns That ‘Modern Medicine Is Killing You&

Posted Oct 21 2010 4:34pm



In Episode 412 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear a very timely interview with a practicing physician, anesthesiologist, and medical researcher named Dr. Raj Nijhawan who became so frustrated by what he was seeing in the healthcare industry that he decided to pull the curtain back and exposing the dirty secrets of what is happening in modern medicine. His forthcoming book set to be released in early November 2010 entitled Modern Medicine Is Killing You: Start Your Healthcare Revolution Now! helps educate the patient about ways they can take back control of their own health beyond the conventional medical wisdom. Listen to Dr. Nijhawan talk about how his own personal health struggles made him become more aware of the “mistakes” in healthcare, the ineffective bureaucracy that happens within healthcare that leads to poor health management, why healthcare has become so discombobulated and who’s to blame, the lack of outcome accountability in healthcare, why the “fee for service” needs to be eliminated, whether universal healthcare coverage is going to bankrupt the healthcare system because of chronic disease that is preventable through nutrition and lifestyle changes, why he believes modern medicine is literally “killing you,” his desire for a “functional” healthcare market, the pending “revolution” that is coming up regarding the frustration people are feeling over their healthcare, why he believes vouchers for healthcare are ideal, what he means by modern medicine being “unintelligent,” why 85% of bypass surgeries and stents have been completely unnecessary, who has the incentive to pursue the best price for the healthcare provided, why he favors health savings accounts, why modern medicine is not helping us live longer, how you can be more powerful than your physician regarding treating your health, why 80% of continuing education of physicians and medical journals are paid for by the pharmaceutical companies, how drug ads are so manipulative and effective in marketing directly to the patient, and how easily the solution to the problem could be implemented.

There are three ways you can listen to Episode 412:

1. Listen at the new iTunes page for the podcast

2. Listen and comment about the show at the official web site for the podcast

3. Download the MP3 file of Episode 412 [44:31m]

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How did you like what you heard from Dr. Raj Nijhawan? Share your feedback with us in the show notes section of Episode 412 . Pick up a copy of Modern Medicine is Killing You: Start Your Healthcare Revolution Now! and visit Dr. Nijhawan’s web site at . Coming up next week, it’ll be a fabulous week of healthy podcasts. On Monday, Paleo enthusiast Melissa McEwen from “Hunt. Gather. Love.” will be with us to tell us about what it’s like to live a Paleolithic lifestyle as a young woman in New York City. Then on Thursday, cardiac surgery professor Dr. Donald Miller will discuss why he teaches that a low-carb, high saturated fat diet is ideal for attaining a healthy heart. I’m excited keep bringing quality podcasts to you, so thank you for listening!

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