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7 Ways To Burn More Fat In Your Next Workout

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:00pm

This is a guest post by by Barry J McDonald of

1 – Do Weights Before Cardio – To get the best results and burn more calories from your next workout, its best to combine some form of resistance/weight lifting as well to your cardio session.

The mistake some people make is to hit the cycling machines first and do weights later but doing the reverse is far better for fat burning. It takes your body 15 minutes to warm up in a cardio session before it starts burning fat.

So, for example if you cycle for 30 minutes the first 15 are to get the body temperature up and the last 15 are when you burn fat. By hitting the weights first you get your body temperature up and get the full benefit of fat burning from your cardio (taking the example above it would be 30 minutes of fat burning instead of 15).

2 – Stand Or Sit Up Straight – If you find yourself slouching or lean on the handles of your treadmill/cycling/stairmaster machines you’re not getting the full benefit from it. The reason being that you’re taking some of the effort off the working muscles.

Also slouching when exercising prevents your body from breathing properly, oxygen is very important for fat burning in cardio so if you limit this you reduce the amount of fat you’re burning.

3 – Add Weights To Your Routine – As you may already know muscle helps with metabolism and fat burning. Even if you’re afraid that lifting weights may bulk you up there’s still no reason not to benefit from this, grab some small hand weights when you’re on the treadmill or cycle machine.

Then move your arms in a natural swinging action (like when you’re walking) or do some arm curls. This way you can multi task and reduce your next session down to a shorter time period and still get great results.

4 – More Variety More Fat Burning – You body can be a very good at getting to adapting to your training sessions especially if you do the same workout over and over again. When this happens you won’t get the same results as you used to.

The way around this is either to train harder or vary your workout, varying your workout is the easier choice. So for example if you find yourself always on the stair machine go on the treadmill instead if you walk why not go for a swim?

But mixing things up you come at your next workout fresh mentally so you can give it your full effort. Plus it keeps your body on its toes and your fat burning to its maximum.

5 – Watch Your Breathing – It may seem more natural to breathe with your mouth when you exercise, but in fact the opposite is true. By breathing through your mouth you lose too much carbon dioxide out of your system.

While we all think of carbon dioxide as a waste product is has a very important role to play in the human body and needs to be kept in a certain ratio compared to oxygen. Once this ratio goes out of “whack” blood vessels and airways have a tendency to close down and restrict flow, thus affecting your workout.

So, remember keep your mouth shut and breathe through your nose both while breathing in and out. It may take a while to get used to be stick with and you’ll find your endurance increasing and you burn more fat.

6 – Watch What You Eat – While you may think this tip relates to after your training session, its also important to watch what you eat before you exercise. Eating less than 90 minutes can cause a loss in performance as blood stays in the stomach to digest the food rather than powering your workout.

Also eating eating a high protein bar before you work out should help you to exercise longer than you usually could.

7 – Train In Intervals – Which is better for fat burning slow and steady or fat and furious? If you said the second option you’re right. By training you short spurts of high intensity follow by a slowdown and back to another high spurt you can increase your fat burning. As well as that, high intensity keeps your body on its toes like tip 4 because your body doesn’t know whats coming next.

An example of this type of workout would be 1 minutes flat out on a cycling machine follow by 2 minutes of a slow down, before cycling flat out again for another 1 minute and repeat etc.

A word of warning though this type of exercising can be extreme and you will have to bring into your workout over a period of time as it can take a while to get used to. But if you’re looking to exercising intensely and leave the gym in a shorter period of time it could be right for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post if you ‘d like to find more weight loss tips and tricks or just to see what happening in the world of weight loss visit my blog at

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