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7 Ways The Food Companies Fool You

Posted by AregM

Most consumers take just 4 seconds to browse over food packaging before making a choice. That's the window of opportunity a manufacturer has to convince you to buy their product. Here's how they do it: 1. Put something wholesome and natural on the front Fresh fruit, lush meadows, and green trees. The Reality. That's just a pretty picture - it might have nothing to do with what's in the packet. 2. Buzzword of the month At the moment it seems to be "whole grain" and "omega-3" and "fortified". Any savvy marketer will make sure they list these buzzwords in bold: front and center. The Reality: The actual content of the whole grain may be minimal - and can you really believe that the possible health benefits of the latest buzzword will outweigh the other junk in the food? .....Continued on
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