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7 Big Reasons People Don’t Succeed With Their Fat Loss Mission Part 5

Posted Sep 12 2010 4:54pm

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Moving onto the 5th big reason why people don't succeed with their fat loss missions.

Todays reason is a really valid reason.

# 5) Systems


What I mean by systems is that you must be following the right systems if you ever want to get the results you deserve.

Too many people, especially people wasting their time each day in gyms around the world are following the wrong system  – so the wrong approach – to fat loss.

That is a massive mistake. Following the wrong system only ends up in frustration and you giving up in anger saying this doesn't work just like every other time.

It doesn't matter what type of success you're looking to find – fat loss, wealth, love, whatever – you need the right system to follow.

Why? Well, if you build a house on weak foundations it would collapse right? So why is fat loss any different? You must follow systems that have strong foundations – proven results.



That's why I have a number of different systems that people can follow that are all based around the principles of DPM Performance:

1. My Sydney Boot Camp sessions for people who want to get great results at minimum investment.

2. My Sydney Personal Training sessions for those who want the extra addition and service that this premium package provides.

And my 2 online programs

3. Aussie Fatblast Success System for people who want a gym program that gets results.

4. Bodyweight Blitz  for people who would rather train at home using nothing but bodyweight exercises.

All of these systems follow the same game plan – they just take a different route to get there. You have to select the system that works best for you and implement it.

It's no use just turning up to one of my sessions expecting me to wave the magic wand and you're all sweet again. Same for investing in one of my online programs. You still have to do the work and implement the workouts, and more importantly, the nutrition advice.

Stay tuned for the big reason 6 and 7 over the coming week…




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