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7 Big Reasons People Don’t Succeed With Their Fat Loss Mission Part 2

Posted Aug 24 2010 5:29pm

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… And What You Should Do If You Actually Want To Get The Results You're Hoping For

Now onto part 2 today. If you missed the first big reason why people don't succeed with their fat loss mission check out yesterdays blog post.

Now moving on…

Yes, it's true that we're set up for failure.

I mean the ads on tele tell us to eat this brand new whiz bang breakfast cereal that is high in fibre, has lots of protein and this and this whiz bang nutrient. But of course they don't mention how much sugar is contained in them!

And you have every right to be confused when there's some space cadet nutritionist fronting the advertising campaign. No wonder people are fat.

The same goes for when you're at the gym and you start doing what the person next to you is doing because you figure they probably have a better idea than you do. Another big mistake.

The Fat Loss Killers – Treadmill Running For An Hour


Especially when that person is training for fat loss results by running on the treadmill for an hour at the same pace and hoping for the best. Same goes for following the person doing a split body part gym workout routine instead of something that's going to hit multiple muscles at once.

So mis-information sets us up for failure.

And I guess the other big thing that sets us up for failure is our own belief that we can't achieve our goals. But I addressed that in the mindset section yesterday.

But rest assured because all is not lost. There is something that can be done about it.

Draw the line in the sand and remember that yesterday ended last night. You can start afresh today.

You can follow the right information and forget what people will try and bash into you – whether it is that space cadet nutritionist or personal trainer who is just pushing the same bad advice that was passed onto them.

The second thing that you can do is find yourself a mentor to work with. Someone who is where you want to be. That might be someone who actually is a decent Sydney Personal Trainer. Or it might be your friend or someone else who has made a positive change in their lives. Take them for coffee one day and ask them how they achieved their goals. Get inside their head.

To be honest, most people would love to tell you their secret because it gives them recognition that they have changed – and we all know that everyone loves to get a positive wrap every now and then. It's always good to massage the ego!

Forget all the bad information that you have learned in the past and surround yourself with the right advice to get you there and then you can say you've mastered the 2nd biggest reason that stops people from reaching their ideal fat loss results.

Just remember the set up for failure is not your fault – but you are in the position to make the most of your opportunity to do something about it.

Get Started Today With Sydney's Fat Loss Specialist

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