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7 Big Reasons People Don’t Succeed With Their Fat Loss Mission Part 1

Posted Aug 23 2010 10:15pm

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… And What You Should Do If You Actually Want To Get The Results You're Hoping For


After nearly 5 years of running my own business and 10 years total in the fitness industry I think I am qualified enough to say that I've been able to help hundreds of people along with their fitness journey.

And I've been able to come up with 7 big mistakes that stop people from reaching their fat loss potential. Today I'm going to reveal to you today mistake number 1.

# 1) Mindset

It seems that for one reason or another over the years people have been trained to believe that where they are now is just their lot in life and there's nothing that can be done about it.

Or, I'm too far gone. Have you heard that one? I know I have – it was from someone very close to me who's no longer with us only because they didn't change before it was too late.

The only limitation that we have is our mindset. Master this and anything is possible.


Our mindset comes from a number of factors including:

  • Past experiences
  • People in our lives talking down to us and belittling our achievements (this can go back to childhood) and usually comes from parents, partners, friends, colleagues – who may be well meaning but are really putting a massive handbrake your potential
  • Other people's expectations of us – like when you're expected to be a doctor because you have 3 generations of doctors in your family, or we're a poor family we're supposed to be poor.

Or my personal favourite – we're just a big boned family. Get that reinforced into your head a thousand times and you won't think you've got an issue with your health or weight at all.

But you get the picture I'm guessing.

We need to stop making those experiences real and change our way of thinking.

No one is ever going to lose weight or get back in their skinny jeans if they believe deep deep down that all their family is big so there's nothing they can do about it.

No, your family is all big because you have been poorly educated on what constitutes good healthy eating habits.

Start talking to yourself in a better light – starting from the time you wake up in the morning. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself today is going to be a good day because…. (insert why here) or today is a great day to get me closer to my goal of fitting back into my jeans because….

Getting the right mindset starts with talking to yourself in a better way then changing the way that others feed stuff into your head.

Be a filter and block out the bad stuff and only take in the good stuff.

If there's no one in your life at the moment who can be that person for you start with this place right here. You'll only find positive things and solutions on my blog .

And finally if you've got a big decision to make ask yourself this:

"Is this going to get me closer to my goals or further away from it"

The answer is rarely hard to come to.

Stay tuned for part 2 on why people don't succeed with their fat loss mission…

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