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50 things I never thought I'd do

Posted Dec 11 2010 10:00am
It's that time of year when people start reflecting on the past year and the year to come.
I decided it's time for a little reflection of my own, not just this past year, but in the past 2 years since I started this journey...
So here they are 50 things I never thought I'd do:
  1. Not give up
  2. Feel confident in my own skin
  3. Eat mushrooms
  4. Eat tofu
  5. Motivate people to loss weight
  6. Motivate people to exercise
  7. Go across a rope bridge
  8. Climb up a Cargo Net carrying a 5 year old
  9. Run an entire mile
  10. Wear a size 12
  11. Exercise for the fun of it (who does that?)
  12. Complete a 5k
  13. Become an Instructor
  14. Memorize the calorie counts of some foods
  15. Cut my dinner in half when eating out and actually not eating the second half
  16. Drink UNsweet tea
  17. Walk on my work breaks
  18. Choose exercise over food to relieve stress
  19. Pass on a drink because of the calorie count (what, long island ice teas are yummy)
  20. Get sad/upset when my work out schedule doesn't pan out
  21. Learn that I can do this without any pills
  22. Learn that I'm worth it
  23. Learn that I don't have to deprive myself
  24. Learn moderation
  25. Lose weight on my terms
  26. Not care what others think (about what or how I'm doing what I'm doing)
  27. Not feel like the 'fat friend'
  28. Wear a short skirt to work
  29. I'd not care if everyone knew my weight
  30. Make my mom so proud
  31. I'd get up at 4:30am just to go to the gym (it's not normal, but it's happened)
  32. Give my son the love of running
  33. I'd get emails for info on how to lose weight
  34. I'd have someone text me to question why I was in a McDonald's drive-thru (yogurt parfait and sugar free ice coffee = 250 calories)
  35. Not enjoy having to SIT ALL DAY
  36. Do some Zumba moves in the shower
  37. Want workout equipment over jewelry for Christmas
  38. Actually do 50 things that I wouldn't normally do
  39. Be looked to as that makes 'healthy choices'
  40. Drink soy milk
  41. Opt for reduced calorie....anything (honestly, it does taste different)
  42. Though I'd laugh at how I got sore last weekend (What city girl from Cali. tries to jump a roll of hay for fun?)
  43. I'd be considering becoming a personal trainer
  44. I'd look past the pain because I enjoy my workouts
  45. Pay to run
  46. Spend my time learning about fitness
  47. Spend my time learning about nutrition
  48. Spend my time learning about getting healthy
  49. I'd accomplish this much
  50. Lose 50 pounds

Wow, 50 pounds....honestly, typing this up really made me think.  I've come along way.  You can too!  
If you've made it this far, thank you. 
And now a little challenge.  Post your top "____ things I never thought I'd do" you can do 50, a random number (set the number before you start), or by however many pounds you lost.
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