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5 Things Your Healthy Eating Guidelines Should Know About Oatmeal

Posted Jan 25 2010 2:23pm


Oatmeal_apples_xsmOver the course of the next 3 posts I am going to give you 5 things you should know about about to include in your healthy eating plans.  Your healthy eating guidelines should include oatmeal and here is why.

1.  There are many varieties of oatmeal and many are not so healthy for you.  The least processed oatmeal is called Steel-cut oats which are chopped oat groats.  There is also rolled oats and are steamed.  Then the most popular and generally the least healthy is instant oats, which are precooked and often contain added sugar.


2.  Steel cut or rolled oats can be used as long lasting energy.  You can even make a shake out of them by combining 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1 scoop Prograde Protein Powder and 1.5 cups water. 


Stay tuned for Part 2 of "5 Things You Should Know About Oatmeal"

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