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5 More Metabolism Burning Tips

Posted Aug 11 2008 9:04pm

The only way that you are able to actually change your metabolism resting that it’s, is by doing one of two metabolismthings building more muscle and either gaining or losing weight.

There is one thing known for sure you won’t be able to speed up your metabolism by stuffing yourself with with calorie laden foods which are in abundance around is these days so much more than they used to be.

All we need really is a little education in what to eat properly I have spoken before about ways to speed up your metabolism, so when I came across this little article I thought it would make a quite a fitting post, because the information that was contained within it was quite interesting and useful.

It helps demystify some of the ways in which your body burns fat for fuel having knowledge like this is quite useful because it helps you gain a better understanding of what is going on in your body.

Metabolism Burning Tip 1

Eat wholemeal type breakfasts, anything that has lots of fibre is ideal, have this with milk, or have oatmeal as well your breakfast, the reason these work so well is because the carbohydrates and the fibre contained within high fibre and carbohydrate type breakfasts is because, these two particular things dampen insulin spikes once you start having insulin spikes, this tells your body to store fat that is why when you eat a lot of refined carbohydrates or in other words simple sugars you tend to put on lots of weight.

Your always telling your body to store fat this is one of the reasons why sugar is a big no-no when you’re trying to lose weight it won’t speed up your metabolism it has the complete opposite effect. When your body is storing fat this in turn slows your metabolism down.

Some research was done regarding breakfast in the Navy and it was found that by eating breakfast the personnels metabolisms were raised by more than 10 percent when they ate breakfast, I think a lot of people do tend to skip breakfast these days mainly because of the excuse that I am too busy to eat breakfast my reply to that is why ?

Metabolism Burning Tip 2

Jalapeno, habanero, and cayenne peppers this is the first time I have heard of these particular foods, apparently these foods work by speeding up your heart rate, studies were done in the 80’s that found by eating these certain spicy foods, it could raise your metabolism by much as 25 percent or more.

And even better after three hours of eating these foods they still carry on doing their work by keeping your metabolism ticking over, some research was done only just recently and it found that by having coffee and sandwiches that were stacked with red peppers were able to burn a thousand more calories than those who were part of a controlled group of people not eating that particular type of food.

When you tend to restrict the amount of food and or calories you are eating throughout the day you can tend to get slumps in your metabolism this is where a lot of people get it wrong, they tend to eat very little food.

Then eat large amounts later on you’re far better off snacking throughout the day this will keep your metabolism ticking over, if you tell your body that you are starving it then it will hold onto its fat stores and no fat will be burnt.

Metabolism Burning Tip 3

Drink green tea and coffee, the two properties that cause these to happen caffeine in coffee and something called EGCG, caffeine helps speed up your heart rate and EGCG does something similar but not quite the same it makes your brain and nervous system work faster which in turn causes calorie burning to be in effect.

Some research was done concerning these two fat burning properties and was found from a study that if you consume 90 milligrams of these two substances together and drink the two combined three times a day this will help you burn 80 more calories per day it doesn’t sound an awful lot but it all helps in the long run.

The Canadian government did some studies on some soldiers and found that once they drank caffeine prior to a workout, were able to work out for a longer period of time without becoming exhausted, but also their consumption of oxygen was considerably higher than it would have been normally without drinking the caffeine, oxygen is a key component when it comes to metabolism burning the more oxygen you take in the more the effect becomes this is why it’s important to breathe properly when you are exercising, as it keeps the whole process ticking over.

Metabolism Burning Tip 4

Foods that contain a lot of protein, e.g. Turkey , fish, chicken, pork and beef and any other food that is high in protein.

When you eat protein in your diet it takes far longer for your body to digest this particular food this keeps the thermogenic property, of fat burning going you will feel less hungry so you won’t eat the other types of food that can slow your metabolism down.

The energy that is involved in breaking protein down in your body takes more work than it does to break down things like fat and carbohydrates this is why it is an ideal fat burning food.

When some people who were part of the study were compared to those to who ate more carbohydrates in their diets it was found that the people who ate, protein burned more fat than those whom were eating carbs in their diet.

A study that was done in Denmark found that when the participants substituted protein more than carbs their metabolism burning properties went up by five percent compared to their counterparts.

Metabolism Burning Tip 4

Eat oily fish namely tuna, salmon and sardines, the great thing about eating these particular fish is that they contain something called a omega three oils, the reason these particular oils work so well in helping to burn fat is they work on a particular hormone which is called leptin, some studies have found that leptin has a influence on whether your body tends to burn fat or not.

Research was done on mice and it was found that the ones that had really low leptin levels were found to have higher metabolisms than those whom had higher leptin levels, some other research was done on some African tribes and it was found that the ones that ate lots of fish in their diets compared to those who didn’t eat fish and ate more vegetables had very high levels of leptin in their bloodstream, compared to those who ate the fish there levels were almost non-existent.

If you don’t like eating fish then you can always buy oil capsules with it in Omega three that is.

Some research that was done in France found that men whom replaced fat with fish oil in their diets, were able to boost their metabolism levels and consequently lose two pounds within a 12 week period.

Source Yahoo Health

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