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$5 for Your Health: I’m with the Band

Posted Apr 26 2010 4:57am

When I bought Core Fusion Pure Abs & Arms , I was happy that it came with a band for the exercises because I didn’t really want to buy extra equipment. After nearly a month of doing it, I have to say…I love the band!

I have used resistance tubes before, and they are not my favorite thing. Yes they get the job done and are convenient, but I just don’t love them. But the band is different. It’s a flat piece of rubber about five feet long that sort of has a pleasant “rubber glove” smell — but not in a gross, “reminiscent of a pelvic exam” sort of way.

Contrary to my original belief, it’s not just for your upper body. When I had to go to physical therapy in 2009, my physical therapist used a shorter flat band to strengthen my hips. It was looped around a table leg and then I looped it around my ankle and did strength moves in all different directions, balanced on one leg. And the Core Fusion DVD incorporates it into the ab workout for some seriously amazing moves. (This video is actually an entire 10-minute segment from Pure Arms and Abs, so those of you who wonder what the big deal with Core Fusion is…give it a try!)

Really, the best thing about the bands is that they are cheap! Seriously, $5 for two dumbbells isn’t going to happen, and most people need more than one set of weights anyway. But with a resistance band, you can just reposition your hands on the band to add tension and make it harder…and you can always scale it back to make it a little easier. (Which, during this DVD, is kind of necessary.) Resistance bands do come with different levels of difficulty though, so you can upgrade when you need to.

And, FYI, you can get them from SPRI , which gives a 20 percent discount to Shedding It readers. I don’t get a commission or anything — it’s just a cool discount they hooked us up with! So if you want to order a band or any other goodies, just use the code SHEDDINGIT2010 at checkout. So that’s more like $4 for your health!

They are also a great option for people who live in a dorm room, small apartment, or who travel a lot. Strength training when traveling can be a huge pain, and, like I said, I just don’t love resistance tubes. Because they are considerably longer, the flat bands are a lot more versatile.

And by “versatile,” I mean “you can also use them to tie up guys with a latex fetish.” And that, my friends, is $4 well spent.

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