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5 Fitness Business Tips For New Personal Trainers

Posted Jan 15 2010 4:55pm

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This post is a little against the grain of what I normally post on here but I responded to a blog post today with my ideas on how to make it as a Personal Trainer.

This is what I came up with.

# 1) It definitely isn’t all beer and skittles for any Personal Trainer when they’re starting out – despite how all the ads say how much money you can make after only a few weeks certification.

How on earth is a “weekend certification” going to acutally help you make it as Fitness Professional – read Fitness Professional and not just a regular Personal Trainer.

If you want to be a regular Personal Trainer than rock up to your sessions like you’ve just come from the beach and have no organised flow for a training session as you know you’ll have to steal ideas from the trainer working next to you.

# 2) The next tip I can give to anyone starting out is not go directly into training clients for yourself which goes against the advice most people will tell you. But trust me if you want to succeed then follow my advice.

Learn the ropes from someone who’s been there done that or at least do some time in a gym environment with someone who knows how to run a business – not just any old gym monkey.

Otherwise you’ll follow the trend and be out of the game in less than 2 years.

The Personal Touch Will Reign Over Online Programs

The Personal Touch Will Reign Over Online Programs

# 3) Make sure you surround yourself with smart business people. Most PT’s don’t have a business head on them. If you run your business like a hobby that’s all it’s ever gonna be.

# 4) Work smarter not harder. It’s not worth making good money if you have to kill yourself and work 60 hours a week doing so.

I love making good money doing what I love by optimising my training times and venues so I control it rather than it controlling me.

You don’t have to train every client that comes your way. If they’re not a right fit for you and you for them don’t train them just for the money or because you need the money. It’ll be the worst session of your week and you’ll hate it.

Once again, trust me, I’ve been there in the past. Now I only train people that I enjoy being around.

# 5) Last of all, and my favourite tip is to give people what they want and you’ll get what you want. The law of reciprocity is massive and it’ll come back to you 10 fold.

A bonus tip for any new personal trainer is to make sure you sign up for my free e-course on the top 5 exercises you should never do. Follow these to ensure your clients safety and to maximise their results and you’ll go a long way to being the go-to trainer in your region.

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