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5 Drinks That Sabotage Your Healthy Eating Plan

Posted Oct 03 2009 10:02pm

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This post has to be one of the biggest weight loss tips that I can ever give you.

Too many of us drink way to many liquid calories as part of our healthy eating plan and these drinks are not as healthy as we often think they are so this top 5 list may just actually save your belly fat from inviting its friends around for the summer.

1) Fruit Juice:
Okay this one is a big one. Next time you’re at the shops and thinking about putting that bottle of juice in your trolley think again.

I used to drink a truck load of this stuff – a couple of glasses in the morning, sometimes the same at night and if I was home during the day, well it didn’t look pretty.

That was until a couple of years ago and I really realised how rubbish those things actually are. I mean read the nutrition label on them and you’ll get a better idea.

Isn’t fruit juice just supposed to be the juice of the fruit that it is supposed to represent? Yeah it should be. So then why do these fruit juices have an ingredients list as long as your arm.

And don’t even think about giving these things to your kids – unless you want them running around hyper all day.

2) Soft Drinks/Sodas:

Say NO to diet soft drinks

Say NO to diet soft drinks

Soft drinks are a fast way to add a truck load of calories to your daily food and drink intake. It is second nature for a lot of people to wash lunch down with a can of soft drink each day. Your belly fat loves it but your fat fighting genes don’t!

And no, diet soft drinks are not a smarter option. Sure, they may only have 1 calorie but what the snazzy marketing campaign doesn’t tell you is the amount of extra sugar that is heaped in the drink to give it some resemblance of taste and also the nasty artificial sweeteners.

3) Fancy Coffee Drinks At Your Cafe
I have absolutely no problems with people enjoying a nice long black or herbal tea but when you start getting fancy with your orders at the cafe – you are watching the calorie content start to stack up.

Take for example, a Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks. That has a 300 whopping calories – and that’s the smallest size! Even your popular cappuccino weighs in at 90 calories (once again the smallest size).

This starts to add up if you have a couple a day.

4) Smoothies:
These are marketed as being a ‘healthy’ alternative but really they are a meal in their own right. And how many of us actually use them as a meal? Not many.

Let’s take a look a the popular Boost brand of smoothies here in Aus. The low fat range of smoothies are normally the most popular ones and I used to like the Strawberry Squeeze flavour.

The regular Strawberry Squeeze has a massive 378 calories! Wow! That is supposed to be a snack but clearly it’s that and more.

5) Alcohol:

Go Easy On The Liquid Calories

Go Easy On The Liquid Calories

This one is the obvious one so I left it last. If you are drinking alcohol with dinner every night you are definitely sabotaging your fat loss potential. Enough said.

Water should really be your only main liquid source during the week.

Green tea is fine and so is a long black (provided you don’t overdo the caffeine intake) but at the end of the day you should really be drinking a truck load of water to ensure your body stays lean and clean and your belly fat gets banished – never to be seen again.

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