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5 Big Gym Workout Routine Mistakes

Posted Dec 20 2010 5:30pm

Although I am predominately an outdoors Sydney Boot Camp Trainer I still train one client in a gym that I used to work at back in the day and it means that I see some interesting gym workout routines to say the least.

This top 5 list of things not to do in the gym is stuff that I’ve seen in the last week (and I’m only there for 2 sessions a week at the absolute most!).

It’s also not going to be about machines or whatever (sign up for the free e-course at the bottom of this email if you want to learn about what to avoid there).

1) Holding on the treadmill when you are walking or running:

Definitely a big no-no. You don’t see people walking down the street holding onto something unless they are old and frail. So what makes you think you should be doing that in the gym?

To get maximum use out of the treadmill actually move your arms when you are power walking or running on there.

2) Spending your whole workout on the one machine at the same pace:

This one if for the cardio queens – you know who I mean – the girls (sorry girls but you’re the main offenders here) that stay on the treadmill power walking away or jogging away for an hour hoping to work their fat away.

It just doesn’t work like that! You’ve got to get down and dirty and sweaty and crank out some interval training routines. No other ways around it.

3) Only training mirror muscles:

Now this is the one where the guys are mainly at fault. Most guys want to look big and buff so they figure if I train my chest and my guns (biceps) than that’s all that’s needed.

Never mind the girls that are laughing at your chicken legs because the last time you trained them was when you had to run for the bus.

Here’s the tip for that one fellas: If your lats (back muscles) are bigger than your whole frame looks wider – so don’t forget the back workouts like Recline Rows or Chin Ups.

And for the guns your triceps are actually the biggest muscle in your arms so make sure you train them too – like with diamond push ups and normal push ups . This gives your arms a bigger overall look.

Just because you can’t see these muscles when you look in the mirror it doesn’t mean they don’t need any action. Remember if they don’t see action – neither will you!

4) Spending too much time chatting or checking out everyone else:

Pretty much every gym goer has been guilty at this at some time or another. I mean haven’t we all checked out someone of the opposite sex (or same sex) at some stage or had a chat about the game on the weekend or what you are doing Friday night?

It’s funny how that 30 second rest break just seemed to evolve into a 3 minute break without thinking. This is definitely one of the biggest progress killers.

The big pet hate that I used to have when I worked in a gym is the bosses would make you go and walk the floor and actually start conversations with the gym members!

How counter-productive to someone’s workout is that? No wonder why gyms suck and most people fail at their goals when they train at a gym!

Trust me – if I am training in a gym – the last thing I want to do is stop and chat in the middle of a workout.

That is my time and why I have my iPod cranked up. I don’t want to be rude but don’t get in the way of a serious man (or woman) and their workout!

And I know I’m not alone in thinking that!

5) The final one is doing a static stretching routine followed by a 5 minute jog on the treadmill to warm up:

You may be surprised but this is a big no-no if you want to avoid injury.

And you know what? Every Monday morning at a park that I train at I still see one Personal Trainer start his boxing group this way – not exactly what those poor girls are needing on a cold winters morning – increasing their chance of injury because some goose with a weekend certification doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Anyway that’s a story for another day. Doing static stretches before a workout has been proven to increase the chance of injury to a muscle. This is going to be even more so during a cold winter’s morning.

My best suggestion is to do this dynamic bodyweight warm up routine . It’s best to use muscles that you are going to use during your workout. The video in the link above shows a warm up for the whole body.

So there you have it.

Stay away from this big 5 mistakes and be sure to let me know if I missed anything.

Don’t let me catch you doing them!

But if you do want the run down on the proper gym workout routine that you should be doing, as well as interval training routines that get results you should definitely jump on board my Aussie Fatblast Success System. It’s the proven gym workout that gets results.

I want you to be my next Aussie Fatblast Success Story!

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