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5 Amazing Tips for Weight Loss Success!

Posted Jan 23 2010 6:07pm

For many, 2010 is not just a New Year but a new decade with amazing goals and dreams for the future. For many others, their dreams are to lose the weight for good this year and this post reveals 5 Amazing Tips to ensure your success once and for all.

The first tip is quite simple:

1. Make a Decision

Have you written down your “decision” to drop pounds this year, as opposed to just setting short and long-term goals? Give it life!

When setting goals, we tend to strive to meet them and most times they are met with limited success. It wasn’t until I actually made a DECISION, and specifically wrote my goals down, that my journey really started. When writing down your decision, be clear and concise in your intentions.

2. Exercise Keeps you on Track

Seems simple enough, but if you can commit to 30 minutes to an hour 5 times a week, you begin to feel you have a routine that becomes habitual. I mix my routine with swimming twice a week, treadmill, Zumba class, and a gym session just to keep it interesting. For you it could be walking, spinning class, videos, etc. Do what is doable for you. You also tend to “NOT want to waste your workouts” by eating unhealthy foods.

3. Use Visualization

First thing in the morning and/or before you go to sleep, visualize the “New You”. What do you look like? What do you feel like? Mix that vision with some positive emotion and really see who you want to look like in your mind’s eye. It is important to ALWAYS REMEMBER, your cells are literally awaiting your next instructions. What are you telling yours?

4. What’s Eating You?

You hear many stories of those people who have lost large amounts of weight only to discover the pounds found their way back. There’s a reason for this. You CANNOT change what you don’t acknowledge. In order to be successful this time, you must recognize what brought you here. Being overweight is only a symptom of something else going on in your life. Most often, the real problem stems from childhood and also from someone who you love. This can be a painful process, but a necessary one.

You need to FEEL it, recognize the hurt of rejection, or lonliness, boredom, criticism, etc. Our society often affords us the luxury of avoiding these uncomfortable emotions, and it can turn us to other vices such as smoking, shopping, gambling, drinking, binge eating, etc., but those “not so comfortable” emotions are what tell you when something is not right.

Then you must DEAL with it. Recognize that child, injured teen, young adult, etc. is grown up now, safe, in control and makes their own decisions. You’re in the driver’s seat now.

Lastly, you must HEAL. This can take whatever form you wish, letting go, confrontation, realization, reflection, writing your feelings down and burning the paper for closure, etc. By exercising this process, you can be free to claim great health as you most richly deserve.

5. Create Your Life by Embracing Your ” I AM….Statements.”

I just discovered this little gem myself and it is powerful. Harrison Klein can do a better job of explaining in this 7- page document . The main point is you need to be the CAUSE of what happens in your life, not the EFFECT. You can have the life you want. You really can! You have the capacity to create the greatest life of your grandest dreams, but you have to ask for it with unshakable faith, certain of the outcome and grateful to God for it having occurred.

Learn the Laws of the Universe, create with deliberation and clear intent, and you will change your world. How do you become a creator? It all starts with two simple words: “I AM.”


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