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4 Easy Ways To Treat Depression Without Anti-Depressants

Posted May 30 2012 1:00pm

It can happen to all of us at one time or another, sometimes we just fall into a state of depression. It’s a slump that really affects our daily lives and interferes with our work and personal relationships.

For some people, depression is a medical disorder; but for many of us, it will come and go. There are many reasons for becoming depressed, but by following my four tips for stomping out depression without medications, you can get through it. It’s important to know that anyone can beat depression and become a happier, healthier person!

The Dangers Of Depression picture

15% of people with depression will commit suicide.

Photo courtesy of  Ashley Rose

1. Exercise

Many people underestimate the power of just half an hour of exercise a day. Exercising can relieve stress and help alleviate depression. A study done by Harvard Medical School noted that anti-depressant placebos had the same effect on the body as exercise when it comes to relieving depression.

It might be difficult to get up the motivation to do some exercises, so start with just a little and work your way up. The great thing about exercise is that you do not need equipment as there are plenty of exercises that you can do at home on the floor or just simple activities like a walk or jog.

Why it works?  Exercising helps to counter depression by encouraging the production of a protein called brain-developed neurotrophic factor that helps neurotransmitters (those feel-good brain chemicals) function thus helping us get out of our depressive state.

2. Healthy Eating

When we’re depressed, we tend to over-eat, under-eat, or eat foods that don’t provide us with the proper nutrients our body needs. Because we are depressed, our appetite is almost a secondary issue. Eating regular meals of balanced diets that include whole grains and protein will decrease any chance of becoming vitamin deficient and have a positive mood-boosting effect on the body.

Why it works?

Eating regular meals will help boost our energy, especially when we most need it like in the morning. A good diet of fruits, vegetables, berries, proteins, whole wheat, legumes, nuts and seeds, will ensure that we get the vitamins and minerals we need so we don’t become deficient in them.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can make us feel as if we have no energy, weak and tired. Dehydration will make us feel a loss of energy so stay hydrated!

3. Get More Sunlight

It might seem silly, but studies have shown that less sun light can cause people to feel more depressed. Depression associated with weather is often referred to as seasonal affective disorder and is fairly common as well as can be treated by merely getting outdoors and getting some sun – usually around 15 minutes a day is all we need. Because indoor tanning may do more harm than good, it’s best to stick to natural sun light.

Why it works?

Sun light helps promote the production of cholecalciferol, a chemical in the body that is eventually used to make vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body maintain high levels of the chemical serotonin (the feel-good chemical) when it’s needed in the darker months. More sun light will brighten your mood and help reduce or prevent the chance of depression.

4. Pulse Magnetic Therapy

This is a rather new technique which uses electrical energy to send magnetic pulses through tissue to stimulate cell repair. Through cutting edge products, you can attain a better lifestyle and better health.

Why it works?

Well, for people that are depressed, the left side of their brain is less active. By using the pulse magnetic therapy to stimulate the activity in the left side of the brain, the person will become less depressed.

Studies have shown an 85% improvement rate in people who have undergone pulse magnetic therapy. There are also fewer relapses of depression after being treated with pulse magnetic therapy than anti-depressants. Not only is it great to treat depression, it’s great for pain and many other ailments.

Hopefully, my tips have been able to provide some insight into treating depression. These can all be done at home, apart from pulse magnetic therapy which can be performed either at home or at a specialized clinic. Depression doesn’t have to be a life-long battle and with a little effort, we can get through it. Stay positive, folks!

About The Author: Chad is a health blogger who believes that no one should suffer from depression. He is currently looking into the effectiveness of the iMRS Intelligent Wellness .

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