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31 pounds!!

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:39pm

232.  Holy crap!  It took about 2 years to put it on and 6 weeks to take it off!  This week was challenge for  for me.  I was at an art retreat all week.  There was nothing I could eat!   The hotel served salad everyday but I can't eat salad yet.  One day was baked potato's (no carbs yet for me), another was mystery meat which sent me running to the bathroom after a few bites and one day there was spaghetti.  I either ate some shrimp at the restaurant or ran out and bought some cheese sticks at the gas station.  A few times I went out for lunch with friends and I had no trouble finding something to eat.  Now, the running to the bathroom is to "dump", as in in getting rid of the offending food.  First I get a sharp pain in my chest where my pouch is and next the food comes out.  Not quite like throwing up, more like burping it up.  Is that more information than you need to know?  Dumping is a good thing.  It tells you your body doesn't like what you just put in your mouth.  Sometimes I eat too fast or I don't chew enough.    This is what my insides look like, sorta:
Back to eating...I ate several Myloplex lite protein bars and I got by just fine.  I don't really care that much about food.  One night I was so hungry I thought I might eat to much.  How was I going to stop at a few shrimp from my Shrimp Cocktail Martini??  It was 6 jumbo shrimp in a huge martini glass that was layered with guacamole, sour cream and cocktail sauce... so pretty and yummy.  Well, I ate 2 of those baby's and I was TOTALLY satisfied!.  So, emotionally I wanted the hole thing, but my changing body is telling me that 2 was just perfect...I had no desire to even put another bite in my mouth.  Prior to surgery, I would have shoved it all down AND gone on to at something else.  I DO NOT FEEL DEPRIVED.!!
This week I plan on catching up on my crafts and creations from Art Unraveled, so eating shouldn't much of a challenge.

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