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30 Day Shred Experience: Day 1

Posted Jan 04 2010 6:00am
I woke up this morning and headed straight for my laptop. I checked Facebook, my emails and blogger. Happy to find that a few blogs that had gone unattended had come back to life =)
PJ stirred a little and I was not ready for him to get up, I layed next to him and got him back to sleep.
I cleared an area in our living room and popped it in...the 30 Day Shred Experience was about to start.
Warm up went well, I even thought to myself..."this is easy, I can do this" and fully expected to get on her and say it's a breeze you should all try it....HA, and then it came, the jumping jacks, the push-ups, the lunges with weights and 4 minutes into it I was already working up a sweat.
Not that it's so difficult that it's impossible, cuz it's not impossible. There's a girl there doing the modified versions for beginers...and honestly that's the one I did.
The jumping jacks were a little hard on my knees, and there was no modification for those, so I came up with my own.
Jumping rope I did my own modification as well...while there girl on the video just didn't jump as high, I alternated feet.
I might have missed a push up or two...and a couple of other moves that I can't seem to remember their names right now.
And somewhere close to the end I wanted to give up...but what kind of ending would that be for this I continued.
And I finished, it's an intense 20 minutes...but do-able.

I was so sweaty at the end that instead of immidiately posting this entry (while I was still remembering the names of the moves and even some quotes from Jillian) I had to go straight to the shower.

**Phew 1 Day Down**

And if I can make it through the first day, I should be able to make it through the rest...
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