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3 Things to Drop Body Fat

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:16pm
I've subscribed to a lot of newsletters lately from fitness types in the fitness industry and this morning, this is what Jimmy Smith tells me you need to do to drop body fat:
  1. Perform high intensity cardio intervals - getting into it
  2. Train with high reps using full body movements with low rest periods - working up to it
  3. Keep your blood sugar stable with a low carb, high fat diet. - not so much "low carb, high fat" but I think my plan does this job
  4. And to add NEEE (non-exercise energy expenditure) i.e mowing the lawn -should do more

I am more than a little annoyed with this "low carb yay" v. "low carb nay" debate. This years new years resolution to read more books about nutrition and to learn more is starting to make me more confused.

My goal is to drop fat and build some lean muscle to sustain a good metabolism, but I certainly don't want to be sporting a Jimmy Smith physique. So until I start to run into problems with what I'm doing, I'll just put this one up on a shelf somewhere.

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