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3 Things That Help Your Body Lose Fat Without Dieting

Posted Dec 02 2010 10:00am

Your body will lose fat permanently when… As Diana Schwarzbeins ’ says “You have to get healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy.”  I can’t even count how many diet spins I’ve tried, can you?

The reasons DIETS DON’T work and why they’re harmful as hell

Throughout all the research and experiments that I’ve tried on myself nothing ever does the trick permanently.  Even though all the supporting evidence and testimonials make total sense to me at the time, my body has always found its way back to its comfortable set point .  And there were even some phases that I think caused more harm to me than others.  Like the time I did the crazy intermittent fasting gig.  Man that was bad.  The days that I fasted, I froze my ass off (even in the summer) and was tired miserable and crabby.  All I could think about was what I was going to have for my next meal. 

I believe that all that fasting did was slow my metabolism down to a screeching halt.  That’s the reason I was so cold.  Since it was under assault  by extreme dieting, my body was trying to conserve every last ounce of energy.   And that wasn’t only reflected in my body temp (low body temp can indicate a sluggish thyroid gland), but I did a resting metabolic test at work and the test revealed that my bodies caloric burn dropped by about 600 calories!  That was enough proof for me to quit that shit right away.   

So instead of deprivation, the secret to fat loss is in the healing.

Beating the crap out of your body will only work for so long.  And as the quote simply says… Get healthy first, then the fat will leave naturally.  “ Build it and (he) will come. ” You’ll find that as you heal, these 3 key things begin to happen and soon the fat loss will follow.

1.) Body temperature and metabolism rises.

2.) Your bodies sensitivity to your satiation or fat releasing hormone “Leptin”increases

3.) Your weight “ set point ”(The weight that your body thinks it should be) lowers.

The answer as to how to help those things along can be pretty involved and since there’s so much that can be said about each of these key stages, we’re going to break it down and expand on each one in a separate post.

First things first, it’s time to pump up your metabolism … 

The straw boss of our metabolism is pretty much the thyroid gland .  Every cell in our body depends on energy to function properly and the pace at which the thyroid gland distributes energy determines what energy is available for the cells.  Pretty important don’t ya think?

In my opinion, the biggest reason we’re experiencing so many health issues as a result of the obesity epidemic is basically because we’re killing our metabolisms by snuffing out our thyroid glands with the food we eat and the environment that we live in. 

It’s a well know fact that most if not all degenerative diseases are a result of inflammation.  And as I’ve ranted about many times before, our SAD (Standard American Diet) diets are killin us.  Processed, refined carbohydrate, vegetable oil laden Frankenfoods are staples in the US.  It doesn’t stop here either, take a look at the increased disease rates in other countries that have adopted the typical American fare.  Cheeseburgers, Fries and Strawberry shakes, albeit pretty tasty, aren’t the recipe for optimal health.

So here’s the metabolism cranking game plan.

· Stick to the basics and get back to eating whole unadulterated foods rich in organic veggies, fruits, grass fed beef, free range chicken, wild fish and whole grains. 

In addition to that also…

Focus on the following these 3 guidelines

You’ll be certain to turn your metabolism around 180 Degrees .   And if you’re up for more metabolism transformation info, all the nitty gritty details are in Matt Stones excellent book 180 Degree Metabolism

1.)Reduce your intake of sugars especially High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Even take a look at the amount of natural fructose you’re eating in the form of fruit.  Too much of a good thing, even with the beneficial fiber can have the same thyroid suppressing effect as refined sugars.   

2.)Reduce the amount of polyunsaturated vegetable oils in your diet.  I know you probably think I’m wrong.  I once was under the mainstream spell that polyunsaturated fats were good and saturated fats were bad too.  But that’s not so.  We’re built to run best on exactly the opposite types of fats.  Fully leaded baby.  None of that low-fat vegetable stuff.  Polyunsaturated oils cause all kinds of issues.  Mainly inflammation.  Who needs more of that?  If you want simple proof, look how fast canola, corn or soybean oil goes rancid.  Ever notice how sticky the bottle gets on the outside where the excess may have dripped?  Same thing happens to vegetable oil in your cells.  Not good.

3.)Increase your intake of saturated fats.  Contrary to what Dr. Oz says , eat the grass fed beef, lamb, coconut oil and beef tallow.  Dr. Raymond Peat ’s the go to guy when it comes to coconut oil info .  If you want to stoke up your metabolic furnace start eating more saturated fats.  Just by replacing vegetable oil with refined coconut oil, which is tasteless, in your cooking you can make a huge improvement in your health.

I know this all sounds a little whacky.  These suggestions are definitely not the mainstream info that you may be used to seeing but it’s the truth.  The proof slaps us in the face every January when countless people jump on the diet resolution band wagon. 

First of all, not many stick with it long enough to even notice a difference, but for those who do the  Low Carb and Low Fat diets and see temporary weight loss, usually end up worse off because they gain all if not more of the weight back. Then, the next time they try a diet again it becomes even harder for them to lose weight because all they’ve accomplished in the long run is to lower their metabolism and wreck their body because of the stress and dietary restrictions they’ve imposed upon themselves in the first place. 

So if you haven’t done so already, sign the “ NO DIET ZONE ” petition and make a promise to yourself to focus only on improving your health.  Leave the dieting madness to those who are interested in punishing themselves.

Next post we’ll talk more about step 2 in the body healing process.  Increasing your sensitivity to the fat releasing satiation hormone Leptin.

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