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3 Steps to a Healthier YOU! - Step 2. Stateless Dieting

Posted Oct 08 2008 5:33am

3 Steps to a Healthier YOU! - Step 2. *Cliche Alert* Stop Dieting

I HATE the word diet. Hate it. That four letter word means a lot of things to a lot of people but most often we associate it with restricting our food intake. We have the mindset of being "on a diet." We say things all the time like "I went off my diet" or I "broke" it. I am still guilty of this.

In essence a "diet" is just what we eat. We need to stop this concept of on/off dieting and we need to start taking the approach that everything we put in our mouths IS part of our diet. This change in mentality is this second step on my journey and just like the first, I’m still working on it.

How may times have you started over? How may times have you said the words "I’ll start my diet Monday morning?" If you are anything like me this could be a weekly statement. Every Monday was a start over day. Or maybe it was a Sunday? The first of the Month? The beginning of a new year? Whatever day you chose, how long did you last on your new plan? Did you make it to lunch? Dinner? Maybe 3 days, tops?

Then one meal, or even snack, sometimes something as small as one M&M, took you "off plan". It "broke" your diet. That was it? That’s all it took, one piece of food and I’d be in an eating frenzy. All bets were off, my diet was broken. There’s no saving it now, I might as well eat that 5th piece of pizza and try that new Ben & Jerry’s flavor by downing the whole pint in one sitting.

This mentality is what caused me to gain more weight in my yo-yo era. I really would have been better off not dieting at all. In essence I was giving myself permission to binge on food because I already "ruined my diet". I was stuck in the on plan/off plan mentality. If I was on plan only "diet approved" food was being consumed. The "diet approved" items could be anything from only vegetables, no carbs, even nothing at all. Yes sometimes I had a diet plan of eating nothing. Absolutely nothing. So if I ate anything then the plan was broken and all bets were off. Time to call Dominos! If I was off plan then anything was fair game but mostly all the things I thought I couldn’t eat if I was to be thin, pizza, subs, burgers, fries, stromboli, lasagna, *insert any high fat/high carb meal here*.

This is ridiculous! There is not such things as being on plan or off plan! We are just making it up! Think about it, your diet consist of everything you eat. EVERYTHING Just because you ate something that may be considered "bad" doesn’t mean you broke your diet, it just means you ate something "bad". How does that effect your next meal? It doesn’t!

But I made it effect mine, boy I sure did. Looking back, it was my way of justifying a binge. There had to be a reason. I had to give myself an excuse and that excuse was because I already "ruined my diet."

Step 2 is all about throwing this mentality out the window. Accepting the fact that everything you eat "counts". There is no "off plan" there are only bad choices that can be isolated to one meal. Stop letting one bad choice snowball into others. No one is perfect. NO ONE. And a diet isn’t either. Accept what you eat at every meal. Be conscious of it and make the best choices you can ALL THE TIME not based on the state of your diet. Your diet needs to be stateless.

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