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3 Foods That Can Actually Help Burn Belly Fat

Posted Jan 17 2010 3:57pm

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Were you one of the millions who overindulged and put on weight over the holiday season? Well, you’re definitely not alone so don’t feel too bad. Millions of people have the goal each year to burn belly fat so why not you!

The most important thing is to forget last year, remember 2009 ended on December 31 at the stroke of midnight, and put it in the past and make a new goal to start today with a new and positive healthy eating plan.

The three foods that I am about to recommend to you are the types of foods that you should be looking to implement into each of your healthy meals each day.

They should be easy to find at your local supermarket (and one of them is readily available almost everywhere) so breathe easy because you won’t need to search high and low for them.

The first food off the rank is Turkey. This may seem a funny choice for some because it may have been something you over-indulged in at Christmas time but trust me, it is worth adding into your healthy eating plan.

Turkey Doesn't Have To Be Just For Thanksgiving

Turkey Doesn't Have To Be Just For Thanksgiving

This is because Turkey is one of the best meats that you can eat. Turkey is one of the leanest meats and the protein content is very high and that results in a great boost for your metabolism. The end result with an increased metabolism is fat burning galore. Bye, Bye belly fat!

My second choice, well it is more a group of foods this time, are your greens. Most people normally have some variety of greens each night with their dinners and for great reasons too.

As far as nutritious value goes you can never go past any green vegetable as a great healthy eating choice. Great choices are going to be broccoli, green peas, green beans, spinach and the list goes on.

Remember What Your Mum Said - Eat Your Greens!

Remember What Your Mum Said - Eat Your Greens!

The main thing is to pick what tastes great to you and eat some every night.

My final super food for you is something that doesn’t actually classify as a food but I’ll make an exception in this point because it is something that you should always have with each of your meals if you ever want to burn your belly fat. You may have guessed by now, but it is water.

Water helps to increase your fullness and the good news with that is you will not need to eat as much food because your stomach is already partially full from the water.

Drink, Drink, And Drink Some More Water

Drink, Drink, And Drink Some More Water

The best tip for you is to drink a full glass of water before you sit down to eat and straight after your meal. Drinking a glass after your meal is beneficial because it will help you from going back for another serve of dinner.

Seconds are guaranteed to add inches to your belly, definitely not reduce it.

These three tips that you have just discovered will help you still enjoy your meals like any normal person but when implemented correctly will help you burn your belly fat at the same time. Surely a win-win situation right?

To discover more foods that burn belly fat and some useful yet unusual ways to get your waist to where you want it to be watch the free fat loss presentation at

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