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3 Commercial Diet Plans for Successful Weight Loss

Posted Jul 26 2008 10:04am

Editor’s note:This is a guest post from Brandi Koskie, senior editor, a diet review and healthy living resource online, with 400 reviews, daily diet blog and recipe library.

We’ve made it our responsibility at to research the hundreds of diet and weight loss plans, pills, books and more. Our constructive, unbiased reviews have taken out the leg work for you, and can aid your decision making process. Three of the more popular reviews at our site are Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet and NutriSystem. They are some of the most successful plans around, as I show in these mini-reviews.

Weight Watchers

This highly acclaimed weight loss plan started nearly half a century ago. The small support-style meetings they had in the beginning, are the same people attend today. They now offer a top-notch online membership site, as well as specialized programs like Weight Watchers for Men. The program supports regular exercise and the flexibility to eat what you like- in moderation. The vast wealth of information provided on site, coupled with that of your counselor, give you the tools for success. It’s most famous for the Points system, which assigns a point value to foods/meals based on the fat, calorie and fiber value. You’re assigned a daily point target, and when you stay within that, you’re likely to meet your weight loss goal and keep it off.

South Beach Diet

The low-carb diet phenomenon dissipated a while back, but the South Beach Diet still stands strong with a loyal following. Cardiologist, Dr. Arthur Agatston, created the plan, giving special attention to keeping the heart in healthy, working condition. This is accomplished by removing saturated fats and reducing intake of carbs. The common result is a silenced sugar addiction and healthy weight loss. In 2008, an updated version called South Beach Diet Supercharged was released- updating the science behind the diet, as well as finally incorporating exercise recommendations. There are some food restrictions on this diet, but other benefits like balancing blood sugar, reduced cholesterol and heart health, make it worthwhile to pass on your former food vices.


If you can’t keep up with preparing healthy meals to manage your weight loss- then you might try a meal delivery program. NutriSystem was a trailblazer for this concept, and stands out as a leader today. For a monthly fee of about $10/day, they’ll ship pre-packaged meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each is portion controlled, meets the glycemic index and has a balanced ratio of carbs, protein and fat. All of this promotes weight loss and helps you manage blood sugar. The meals do come in shelf-stable packaging, so the downside is that they can have high sodium and preservatives. Preference for the foods lie on both sides of the fence- but the people who do like the meals, also rave about the success they’ve enjoyed.

How To Lose Weight Like A Pro

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3 Commercial Diet Plans for Successful Weight Loss

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