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295 Days To Go - Exercise Bands

Posted Aug 20 2010 5:39am
Yesterday I worked out with my exercise bands as an alternative to strength training...And today I'm feeling it. I literally was in my living room, watching "The Breakfast Club" On Demand, and maneuvering various stretches with the bands. I didn't think that I was working out much since I didn't get much of a sweat out of it, but late last night, and today, I am feeling the burn! (And lovin' every minute of it.)

One of my favorite movements was standing on the bands, holding each side of the band in my hands. Then I took the band that I was holding in the left hand and held it with my right, and vice versa. The bands were then criss-crossed. Next, I pulled the bands like I was rowing in an upward motion. This worked my upper arms and lower back. The cool thing about this particular exercise is that you are in control of how much give you put on the bands. The shorter amount you give when you step on the bands, the more you'll work your arms out! This is great if you're really wanting to challenge yourself.

Also, Christina from Shape magazine sent over some gorgeous workout tops. I'm really jockin' (yes, I said that, lol) the purple
Lululemon Athletica Stride Jacket II . It's soft and feels like it would be warm to run in. I'm thinking of pairing it up with the Rese White Jessica Top that they also sent over. I'll admit it, I'm wearing both articles of clothing as we speak and LOVING it! (I'm just trying them on :) But in all honesty, I want!!!

Anyway, wish me luck. Time to get a final workout in before I have to go to work and then do the photo shoot this afternoon!
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