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277 Days To Go - National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Posted Sep 07 2010 10:36am
I'm really proud of myself this week. Since I've started entering everything that I eat into my food journal, I've really been accountable for my food choices and have been taking the responsibility for my decisions. The outcome? 4 pounds down in a WEEK, baby! Yes :) I love seeing the numbers on the scale decrease each day, even if it's just a few ounces. It makes me feel like my hard work (the smart and healthy way) is really going to pay off.

This past weekend I was really busy because Dave's son was in town for the long weekend. Oh yea, did I mention that my fiance has a 7 year old son? Probably not. I suppose initally it was because I was trying to make this blog more about weight loss and fitness, rather than get into my personal life. Then I realized a few entries ago that health and fitness plays a major part IRL for me at home with my family and friends. So yes, in 277 days, I'm going to be a step-mom.

On Friday night I ordered a half cheese and half pepperoni pizza for take-out, along with a ceasar salad (dressing on the side) for the family. DJ (Dave's son) really likes the pizza from this place on the island called Tomatina's . And, I'll admit it, I love it, too. DJ tends to be somewhat picky when it comes to food. I remember when Dave finally introduced me to him in March it was a little weird for me. My boyfriend had a kid. I'd never dated anyone with a kid before, and it intimidated me.

This one time I told DJ that I'd be making spaghetti for dinner. He seemed pretty excited, though, my bad...I wasn't thinking like how seven-year-old-Laura would think...I was thinking like grown-up-Laura. The spaghetti that I make at home is delicious and healthy. I start by roasting zuchinni, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spinach in the oven for about an hour until the vegetables are soft. I make a homemade sauce from the tomatoes using basil, oregano, and italian seasonings. Adding in a few sprinkles of parmesan cheese, topped over whole wheat spaghetti noodles. Delicious, yes...Appealing to a seven year old, no.

When I put my healthy dish in front of DJ, you'd think I'd put poop on his plate to eat or something. He looked at the zuchinni and had no idea what it was. And when he asked what the small leafy looking things were in the sauce and I replied, "spinach," his face dropped. I felt horrible for trying to get him to eat healthy. Dave told him that the vegetables were healthy for him and that he needed to at least try them. An hour or so later, the plate, somewhat touched, and the veggies scooped to the side, DJ said he was done. And still, I felt horrible because I knew he didn't like it.

I talked to Dave and he said that he just wasn't used to that type of food. He reminded me that DJ is seven...Then, I went to wise one herself...Good 'ol mom. My mom reminded me that I wasn't always a fan of veggies growing up. In fact, my mom said that she had to disguise veggies in several of her dishes that I know and love. I was confused, but she gave me some great ideas. She suggested that I puree a few veggies to go in the sauce and mix it in that way. It's the same nutrients, but he won't be able to see it. (A-ha!) She even said that if Dave and I still wanted veggies in our sauce, I could just set aside some plain sauce for him and mix the veggies in the rest for us. She told me to remember that he's a little kid, so he'll enjoy things like pizza, mac and cheese, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets.

A few weeks ago I came up with a little cooking project for DJ to make us pizza for lunch. We went grocery shopping and picked up some pizza dough, marinara sauce, low fat mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni. (Photo above by my fiance, Dave.) He seemed to have a lot of fun and enjoyed sneaking pieces of the pepperoni while making our lunch.

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month . This is the time to educate your children about healthier foods and the importance of living an active lifestyle. I feel that as a soon-to-be-step-parent, it's important for me to set an example for DJ. He sees me eating veggies and asks questions about them, how they taste, and why I eat them. Instead of ice cream, Dave and I take him to get chocolate frozen yogurt. There's even been a time when I've woken up early to run in the morning, and DJ asked if he could go with me. (Of course, I took him along!)I'm making a vow to educate him on the importance of staying active and making smart food choices. I think that's one reason my fiance loves me so much :)  
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