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Posted Oct 22 2008 4:39pm

At One month post-op, I have lost 21 pounds.

While I can't see a change, I sure can feel it.  My shirts fit much better....more room in the pit hole and I am down a size in my jeans.  I am very pleased with that!
FYI, this weight loss doesn't really show-I mean it!  21 pounds sounds like a lot, and it is, but it's a small amount  t when you take into account how much I weigh!     And, really folks, that's OKAY!!  I understand that you can't see it yet....don't worry or feel bad!!  Eventually it will be visible so don't worry my friends at AU, you may not see the weight loss, but you will probably notice that I feel and look better.
I've been very good about getting on the treadmill for 30 minutes at least 30 minutes 6 times each week.  I am liking it because if I wasn't, I wouldn't do it.  My food intake is pretty much the same.  I have eliminated the protein water and now I am trying to get all my 70ish grams in by food.  I went out and bought some Low carc, low sugar protein bars to supplement if I need it.
According to my doctor, I am not supposed to be eating and protein supplements, but I have and will do it.  The other night I threw up my dinner, found myself hungry a few hours later, so I ate a piece of a protein bar.  I rather eat 4 times rather than be under on my protein!
For all you WLS do you do it?

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