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21 Top LUSH Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

Posted Jun 13 2010 8:26am

Here it comes, Father’s Day ! You’ve got less than a week to grab the father (or fathers) in your life some ultra lush, cool gifts, no? If your dad’s anything like mine, I can honestly sympathize – he doesn’t have a need or want for anything!

Anything he knows about that is… *insert evil cackle here* (Plus, mine’s got a birthday coming up in a month! So I get hit with this again all too soon!)

Men often neglect themselves when it comes to pampering, funky, erm… “beauty” products. But the chemicals and harshness to many men’s products out there is really bad for them. I think the health and beauty industry tries to take advantage of the fact that men are blissfully ignorant about these things, and ladies, it’s up to us women to take care of it!

Enter LUSH Cosmetics , and their amazing products geared toward both sexes, but especially men. If it can be done in a “natural” way, LUSH does it. If they can be any more eco-friendly, I don’t think anyone’s discovered how yet. They’re a fantastic company. No fancy packaging, no overused plastic, and some hella awesome products!



With calming aloe vera gel, chamomile extract and lavender honey water, Cosmetic Lad will relieve your skin and help it on its path to recovery. It’s superb on sunburnt, wind-chapped and razor burnt faces; this is not just a cream for the boys. Girls love it too (especially those with sensitive skin). It hydrates and softens without weighing you down. If you’ve got the type of man who thinks putting on lotion will suddenly turn him into a girl, pick this up for yourself and then slather it all over him while he sleeps. Hopefully he’ll see the light and start putting it on himself.



When your muscles are annoyed at you for exposing them to some unaccustomed exercise, rub them down with this magical massage bar to appease them. Cinnamon will warm things up, peppermint will stimulate sore bits and the aduki beans will massage in like little finger tips to loosen knots. Once you get used to the minty tingling sensations, you’ll start signing up for marathon training just for the pleasure of using your Wiccy Magic Muscles daily.



Ambrosia is said to be the food of Greek gods, but we call this shaving cream Ambrosia because it’s a nutritious nectar for your skin (also because one of our inventors names is Helen Ambrosen, which sounds a lot like Ambrosia).Our creams don’t lather because we don’t put soap in them; instead we use cocoa butter and jojoba oil to moisturize, and oat milk, chamomile and honey to soothe your skin so you’ll never have to suffer a rash after shaving again.



If you are often confused for a wire fox terrior, this shaving cream is best for you. We put in wonderful ingredients to soften rough and tough stubble including jojoba oil and cocoa and coconut butters so you can shave off your bristles without a battle. Smooth all over your chin (or legs) to soften up your stubble and your skin for a close shave. Use this to make cutting back the wires easier and to leave your skin soft and happy when you’re through shaving.



One little green bar lasts between 60 ? 80 washes, contains no preservatives or packaging and is full of fantastic essential oils for the hair and scalp. Rosemary, nettle and peppermint go to work revitalizing and stimulating the scalp, while rose and vanilla balance out the fragrance. Using just one of these fresh green bars will last long enough to save the environment from producing, shipping and recycling three plastic bottles of liquid shampoo. It leaves your hair and the environment squeaky clean.



We add sea salt to the top of this bar as it’s great for exfoliation and as an added bonus it makes the soap look like a freezing iceberg! When you bring it into your hot steamy shower, the peppermint oil will make your skin feel tingly cool, like it would if you were in the Antarctic. The fresh mint gives you that cool clean feeling while sweet wild orange and bergamot oils add a bit of sweetness to cool you mentally. This one is cool enough for boys too.



This soap may appear to be rather quiet, but once you peel off the black wax exterior, peppermint and spearmint will leap out and possess your senses. The sharp minty smells are combined with clove and apple juice to make your skin feel tingly and polished. Perfect to wake you up or refresh you if you’re feeling a little sluggish. Lather up masses of green foamy bubbles all over and you’ll see why this soap can really enliven your spirits.



We make this best-selling scrub out of fine and course sea salt to give your skin a fresh glow like you’ve just spent a week at the beach. Brightening and cleansing grapefruit infusion and lime oil are balanced with nutritious and moisturizing fresh avocado butter and coconut fat. Cleanse with Ocean Salt and you’ll notice an immediate difference. We recommend those with flaky or dry skin use this once a week to exfoliate while those with oily skin cleanse daily with it (lucky you!).



We all know someone who has a sweet tooth, so next time you’d like to show them a little appreciation, pick up a Sweetie Stack instead of another chocolate bar (their dentist will thank you!). We put in our irresistible honey-toffee soap, our vanilla candy scented soap and our creamy coconut soap to ensure their sweet cravings are satisfied daily.



Limp, lifeless hair could use a little inspiration from the sea. We make this ocean blue bar full of fine sea salt for volume and Nori seaweed to soften and nourish lame locks. We put in lemon oil too, to cleanse your hair and make it shine and topped it off with the glorious fragrance of mimosa and orange blossom absolutes. Thanks be to the inventors at LUSH and the deep blue sea!



Mark Constantine made this shower gel for women; he thinks we’re more likely to be moody and stroppy. He wanted to make a shower gel that helped with PMS so he put in loads of honey and sensual jasmine to give you a sense of well being and sumptuous skin too. And as it turns out, men like it just as much as women so if you’ve got a beau, he’ll probably end up sharing this one with you. If you feel frantic and frazzled, have a shower with this gel; after that you won’t give a flying fox!



It’s after 8:30, your chocolate craving is kicking in. Time for a sinfully sweet white and minty dark chocolate after dinner treat, with none of the calories. This decadent treat is perfect for stimulating and reviving tired skin before bed. It appeals to both your sense of touch and your sense of smell and taste if you so desire – but we warn you it smells better than it tastes; After 8:30 should be melted in your hands, not in your mouth.



Freeze gets your skin tingling, as it’s packed with peppermint oil. When you’re cold peppermint makes you feel warm and when you’re hot it cools you down. Mostly we’re hot so Freeze feels delightfully cool and tingly. It’s lovely to wash hair with too. Freeze isn’t just made with peppermint; you can also detect reviving orange, uplifting bergamot, soothing aloe and refreshing sea salt. Use it after a hot session at the gym or a sticky journey home on transit for body and mind refreshment.



The warmth of the Mediterranean comes to you with a comforting mandarin and bergamot fragrance. We say this creamy shower gel is a peace offering to the skin because it’s loaded with Organic olive oil to moisturize and soften your body while lemons gently cleanse. The Olive Branch is no ordinary shower gel; it’s delightfully uplifting and reassuring. If you’ve not tried it yet, do so now.



Many women have been buying this for their husbands so they can seem generous, but really they just want to try out all these products themselves. It contains Bamboo soap (a Retro product only available online), our newest shaving cream, Shave the Planet (made with softening shea butter) which women find works just as well on their legs as men find it does on their faces, Cosmetic Lad facial moisturizer and our new Business Time massage bar. Make sure you at least give him a back massage so he can think he’s getting the most out of the gift.



This shaving cream has super stubble-stopping strength yet leaves skin silky-soft. Soothing bamboo infusion and anti-oxidant a?ai juice fight aging while vitamin-rich pumpkin seed and rosehip oils calm skin. Non-aerosol and packaged in a 100% post consumer recycled plastic pot, Shave the Planet and get the girl.



You can tell when the Dr. Peppermints have been unwrapped in a Lush shop because the scent of peppermint wafts all through the place and off down the street, drawing people in by their noses. This is a bar for baldies, those who have noticed a certain upward advancement in the forehead department. It is made with essential oils to stimulate the scalp including peppermint, which is also used as a remedy for shock and fainting (both of which can occur when men notice they’re going bald). Relaxing neroli oil is there to stop them caring whether they have hair or not.



People who would benefit from our powerfully herbal, lemon scented, Rhassoul mud soap from their toes to their tops are: a) People who never dare wear backless dresses or take off their t-shirts because of their spotty backs. b) People who daren’t take their socks off for fear of poisoning the atmosphere. You might be surprised to know that rosemary, salt, tea tree, sage and cleansing Moroccan clay can make such a difference, but it does. Buy a slab and get ready to expose yourself, so to speak.



Our rocking coffee, chocolate and lime juice shower gel is back to tempt you into the shower and kick-start your day. If you’re wondering about the name, it’s from High Fidelity; Jack Black’s character is in a band call Sonic Death Monkey. This seriously intense shower gel will get you smiling before your first cup of coffee; it’ll take you right to the edge, over the edge in fact!



If you love the feeling of squeaky clean skin, this is the bar for you. We put in powdered charcoal because it’s such an amazing exfoliator and absorber of excess oils. We add in rosewood and sandalwood as a balance to soothe and calm, and softening licorice root decoction. We recommend this lathering, sparkly cleansing bar for oiler skin because it’s so great at absorbing excess oils and leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. Don’t use regular body soap to wash your face please; use this instead.



Lather up your hair in mounds of purple violet scented bubbles to dispel dullness and add sumptuous shine. Lemon infusion and lime juice cleanse and brighten and seaweed infusion adds softness. Daddy O was invented by Mark Constantine for people like him who were turning gray as well as blondes who want to banish brassiness (but brunettes love it too because it makes our hair so soft and shiny). Works wonders to help clean out the chlorine from swimming, leaving your hair healthy and not damaged.

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