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20th Century Fox, I'm Judging You

Posted Jun 11 2013 2:21pm

I'm starting to feel pretty bad for Melissa McCarthy , who keeps finding herself the subject of controversy out here in Hollywoodland. 

And my god, when I saw this story on The Curvy Fashionista , my fingers flew into a Googling rage.

Not to mention the rest of me. So here we are.

You may know Melissa from her Oscar nominated role in Bridesmaids or her Emmy winning role on CBS' " Mike & Molly ." If not, you may have loved her as Sookie on Gilmore Girls

She's been raking in the movie roles. No, they haven't all been winners (hello Identity Thief), but she is undeniably endearing and hilarious; she has a great reputation in Hollywood.

And in case you are still struggling, this is what Melissa McCarthy looks like. Check out the UK and US posters for her newest movie, The Heat:



Oh wait, I'm sorry. That is actually NOT what Melissa McCarthy looks like. This is what she looks like, 20th Century Fox:

So why doesn't the poster look like this? This is who you're paying to see:


Heat Photo via The Shiznit


I mean, I'm certainly guilty of Photoshopping my photos. I've taken away the ocassional blemish. I've even modified my chin from time to time. But as far as I'm concerned they've not only insulted women by altering her size, they have insulted Melissa because the woman on those movie posters isn't even her. 

She's an Oscar nominee. Standing next to an Oscar winner. Starring in a comedy directed by the guy who directed Bridesmaids. If this movie does not do well, it has nothing to do with her appearance, people. 

And furthermore, even as a mere amateur graphics designer, womanhood and size aside, I am insulted by how crappy this Photoshop job is. 

The Heat is obviously already slated for a DVD/Blu-ray release and I hope Fox Home Entertainment is paying attention to this. It would be a shame if that horrendous artwork ends up on the DVD covers as well. Thus far, 20th Century Fox has had no comment on the matter and I hope that is because they have been rendered speechless in their shame. Or because they are entertaining pitches from new creative agencies, having had to fire the one that designed this poster. 

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