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2013 Mid Year Low Carb Weight Loss Challenge Starts Feburary 1st!

Posted Jan 27 2013 12:44pm
2013 Low carb weight loss challenge

2013 Low carb weight loss challenge

I’ve said before that I would no longer do a weight loss challenge, but I find it necessary to renege on that statement. You see, since returning from my vacation and getting through the holiday season and then contacting a really bad cold, I have not been able to get back to the low carb plan fully. I feel it necessary to start a new challenge!

I am not one to make new years resolutions. I’ve been there and done that; failed too many times to know better than to put myself through that again. So instead of making resolutions, I have made little commitments to myself that I plan to follow through on. I will now share one of them with you- My blog readers.

My Weight Loss goal
My weight loss goal for 2013 is to be under 200lbs by June 1st 2013.

How do I plan on getting  this done?

Eating less and moving more. I plan on keeping my carb count under 25 daily and getting to the Gym at least 3x weekly. Simple right? No way! If it was that simple then we would all be skinny minis, right? This is why I made a commitment to blog the entire journey, mainly for accountability. Starting February 1st, I plan to blog daily. I will share my meal plans, my struggles and my wins. I will weigh in at the beginning of the challenge and then every 30 days until the challenge ends.

Of course you are all invited to do the challenge with me. I would not dare do this alone, I need you guys and your support : )

So who is with me? Let’s get it done this year.

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