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2012 ~~~ A Year in Review with tons of pics!

Posted Jan 01 2013 11:23pm
Another year has zoomed by! Holy smokes!!!! At this time last year, I didn't belong to a gym and was still focusing on fitness/health by getting in some workouts at home. It wasn't always easy to get up in the am and do a workout while following a video or poster workout on the computer. Sometimes the warm bed was much more appealing!!! I did find my way to the BCx Boot Camp and got in some killer workouts there and made some pretty great progress with that program! It made me want more! It made me see that I was capable of more that what I'd been doing and I needed to continue to challenge myself.

doing some kickboxing at home!
Sweat. Fat crying!
got a new cable system to put on the door for some at home training. Works pretty great! ....
but now I need to hook all four bands together for the hardest resistance. I've gotten stronger!
That's dang awesome!


I finally found a gym with exactly that! And the gym I found employed the trainer I'd worked hard with the previous year!! Talk about a win win! Now, we've grown to be close friends and I just love her to pieces! It's so good to have a friend who you can talk to about health and fitness but also lean on when you need a shoulder or tell them your good news. :)

a group of awesome peeps from the gym heading to the Manitou Incline !

I'm not gonna lie.. when I saw that ahead of me, I wanted to sit and cry. BUT we conquered it!!!!!!!!

at the top with my friend Amy! We so rocked that incline!!!!!

Summer time came and I hung out at the pool just about every single day! It was prolly one of the greatest summers ever. My kiddos taught themselves how to swim and I lounged pool side with good friends. Summer time shorts, tanks, and bikinis make it so much easier to stay on top of things! I sweat my butt off in the heat and continued to work hard and lose inches.

I bought these shorts brand new and a couple short weeks later... TOO BIG!

I started losing fat and pumping some weights and changes were happening all over the place...
I have biceps!!!!

Joined a personal training group and we were determined to conquer pull ups!
Here I am on the bar with an assistance band.


08-21-12 I did my first pull up and was inducted into the Pull Your Own Weight Pull Up Club at my gym!
Holy excitment!!!!!!!!!!

 post workout with my hottie hubby!

curls in the gym
Camping trip

My "Grrrr face"

working the triceps!

I grew my hair out this year! This is the longest my hair has been in over 10 years.. :)


My WOW *Women on Weights* shirt I earned through personal training! I wear it proudly!

Still pushing hard! I am still hitting the weight room and loving it. I continue to change it up to keep my body guessing and keep it interesting. I've made some really great progress.... doing things I never thought possible. I even hit the treadmill for some interval sprints and actually LIKED that! Now that's interesting!


My hubs bought me a new wedding band for Christmas and got down on one knee...
It was the sweetest moment EVER!!!!! Love that man!

I maintained and did really well through the holiday season and am happy to say I closed the year at 132 lbs! That's down 6 lbs from Jan 1, 2012. I'm stronger both physically and emotionally. I've come out on top of some crazy ups and downs this year. I can honestly look back at the year and say I did good. I wouldn't change a thing. Everything happens for a reason and though, at the time, it may seem like a huge mess, there is always a positive side to things. I've learned how to find that positiveness in everything.. well most everything. The point is I TRY to find it. This journey is about much more than a number on the scale or the size of my jeans. It's about finding myself.. It's a journey that no one can take for you. You must do it for yourself.

Life is amazing! I'm so blessed with my friends and family and I'm just happy to be alive and healthy and able to soak it up and enjoy it!

God bless and Happy New Year!

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