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2011,I'm Ready & Falling In Love with N, Again, At 3 A.M

Posted Jan 01 2011 11:15am
Its a new year. I spent the last moments of 2010 with people who I love and who love me, what could be better, right?

I decided not to go out. I guess I just wasn't ready and I didn't want to get there and have a panic attack, or spoil other peoples fun so I didn't. At midnight I wished some of the nearest and dearest 'Happy New Years' then fell asleep around 2ish.

At 2:50 I got a call from the man. Hm, weird, he should still be partying. He was a bit frantic telling me to get the heck out of bed and rush outside, don't get dressed, don't do anything but get my ass outside, there was something I needed to see. Me being a ding dong thought it might be shooting stars, or some kind of lunar eclipse that I somehow missed the buzz about. I rushed outside to see my man, in a suit and tie, blasting Stevie B's Because I Love You (inside meaning), popping a bottle of champagne. I walked up to him, still sleepy, and he said "Happy New Years baby, its midnight on the west coast". The whole thing was very Mr.Big from Sex and the City. I think right then and there, slow dancing in my pajamas, him in his suit, made me fall in love again. We danced, on the driveway for about an hour, swilling champagne (he only had a bit, seeing as he was driving) out of the bottle. I kissed him and told him to get back to his friends, I'd see him tomorrow. I think I woke up this morning with a smile...

I'm ready. Today's the first day of the rest of the year. I'm ready.
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