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2010 DPM Performance Transformation Contest Winners – Second Place

Posted Sep 08 2010 4:00pm

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Yesterday I announced the equal third placings in my 2010 Body Transformation Contest and as I'm doing it in reverse order to build up the suspense today is time to announce the 2nd place winner.

Lou reached a big turning point in his life as you'll soon discover. I love his story and he is still motivated to continue towards his goal.

Lou lost almost 8kg over the 10 weeks (he's now closing in on 10kg mark), almost 6cm from his belly and 2.5cm from his chest as well as losing from his arms and hips.

Lou's Story

"Leading up to the DPM Performance challenge I had started and failed several attempts to get myself back on track to a healthier life style and
training regime. Despite doing two boxing sessions a week, all the distractions from a healthy life style seemed to be becoming greater as
time passed.

I had also experienced the effects of past sporting injuries which had become very restrictive to the point where even a fast walk was
almost too big a challenge. For the second year in a row I was not able to register with my beloved senior soccer side as a player due to the state
my body had got too.

The less I was able to do about my health, the more bad behaviours I allowed to creep into my lifestyle. As a consequence I managed to put on
nearly 19kgs in 15 months – making my will to do anything even lower.

With the added weight I am convinced that my injuries were being impacted and not improving in any way.

Early this year Daniel Munday met with me and I felt his influence to get on and do something about my situation before things got any worse. I
changed physio's and started working on my injuries. I also started thinking about an objective that I wanted to achieve as an incentive to

It was a slow start, but with the physio I managed to gain some mobility which gave me a small spark of hope. But still no major objective.

I hadn't realised just how bad my situation had become. Like any basic leadership programme if one is not self aware of the development areas in ones profile that require attention then nothing will change.

Then along came the DPM "challenge". It seems that having a competitive streak like I do, the words "challenge" seem to ignite a call to action
deep in the inner workings of my brain. In discussing the challenge with a friend ( team member of the soccer team) I realised that I actually had an
objective that would focus and drive me to pursue a healthy outcome.

That objective is to rejoin the soccer team in 2011 when they join the over 35 competition from the All Age comp that we have been in for the past 20
years. That was an incentive for a long term objective but I needed a short and mid term objective.

For the short term objective I choose to focus on a one week boot camp, something I have wanted to do for years. I had to be in some shape and lost some kgs to make that work for me. The mid term objective is the Sydney to Wollongong Ride for MS in November this year.

So I now had my short, medium and long term objectives.

The DPM challenge was one way of meeting my objectives but it was an important critical first step. The other steps were :

to take the weight and overall measurements then take photo's – that was also the first time I had looked in a mirror or stepped on a scale with my
body status in mind for some time and it was a hell of shock.

The next step was to find a way that I could commit  to daily training. A good friend with similar objectives agreed to be my buddy. Every day at
6.30am I pick him up and every day we hit the gym. Leaving early has an unexpected advantage and positive impact on how I feel, it takes me 15
mins ( 45 mins normally) to drive into the city at that time NO TRAFFIC!!! and what a hell of a difference that makes to my day when I arrive
without one ounce of stress as compared to the rat race after 7am.

Both of us discuss food – i.e what we eat, how much we eat how often etc. The DPM site has been invaluable in helping me change my diet.

I have changed my overall meal portion sizes and worked on changing what I eat. I deliberately didn't want to radically change the diet but small
changes that I felt were sustainable. Reduced alcohol, so I rarely drink during the week and 10 weeks in, rarely drink on weekends as I don't feel
like it.

I changed my sleeping patterns – I suffered from broken sleep but once I started the gym and eating dinner before 9pm and forcing myself to bed
before 10pm, within days the sleep improved to the point where I sleep solid until the alarm goes. This has a made a big positive difference to
how I feel generally.

As the weight has come off, my injuries have improved so I am doing more excersises and enjoying them.

So ten weeks in how are things going ?. Well, I feel better than I have over the past 15 months. I have lost nearly 8 kgs. My clothes fit !!. I am
running and even had one (light)  game of soccer, my injuries are much better and I don't see the physio any more, I love going to bed early as sleep is more relaxing than TV and I am enjoying the training.

I made boot camp a few weeks ago and made it to the end which wouldn't have happened if I had not been on the Challenge. That my first objective
ticked off.

Now for Wollongong !!!


Great stuff champ!


Bear in mind that these results are only 10 weeks in the making.

Some people have already reached their goals which is fantastic, while most are still on the road to achieving them and are now focused to do so.

10 weeks is nothing in the scheme of things. 10 weeks in a year is not even 20% of the year. It sets the steps into place for what needs to be done long term and makes it seem more doable.

So what can you achieve in the next 10 weeks? Use the inspirational stories and proof from people like Lou to help you get where you want to be.

Remember, these are real people with real jobs and life stresses and are still taking action. What's holding you back?


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