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20 pounds

Posted Aug 12 2008 4:21pm
This morning, after I got off the scale, I realized I am 20 pounds from the weight I would like to be at. I am very pleased to be this close to my goal, considering less than 6 months ago I almost felt like it was completely unattainable.

What is it, though, about "20 pounds"? Since Hubby and I have started this new eating regime, we have both noticed that "20 pounds" is what everyone seems to think they need to lose. Okay, not everyone, but when people comment about our weight loss, both Hubby and I would be willing to put up money that most people would use that magic number as how much they would like to lose.

Well, that has been our observation, anyway.

Over our holidays, I was going over pictures from the vacation Hubby and I took back in February. It was looking at some of those 'before' shots that really helped me see the difference in Hubby. I mean, I know he has lost 60 pounds and that is a very significant amount of weight, but I see him every day, and I didn't really see it the way that others were, I guess. What really shocked me was the size of his face - I had not realized how big his neck and chin area had become.

I have saved a couple that I am going to use as 'before' shots of us.

I made some udon noodles and a fish/tomato dish last night for dinner. I told the younger son - the one that always complains when I make fish - that I didn't want to hear a word about it and that he needed to just eat if he wanted to go to the movie. He ate it - without any complaints at all - and even commented on our way out that it wasn't 'too bad' to eat.

Wow - high praise indeed.
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