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20 Highest Sugar Content Foods In America

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:09pm

It goes without saying that more so than ever before with we have moresugarin our food and that trend seems to be growing, whilst surfing the Internet this morning and doing some research,Sugar I came across a snippet of information on their website, which caught my eye so thought it will be quite interesting for people to see American’s especially exactly how muchsugaris in some of the food that they can tend to eat.

Now I dare say that we are probably not far behind when it comes to things of this nature because our obesity levels and cases ofdiabetesare increasing in this country as well.

So here is the list of the highestsugarcontent foods in America.

1. The first one goes to Baskin Robbins large York, this has content wise get ready for this 281 grams ofsugarand 2210 of calories when you think about the amount ofsugarthat is in this particular product and calories, it’s plain to see why we do have problems with our weight.

2. Number two goes to Uno Chicago’s deep dish sundae this has 272 grams ofsugarand a whopping 2800 calories. That’s almost the amount of calories a person needs in a day from one particular product.

3. And at number three we have Baskin large Robbins fudge brownie which has asugarcontent of 233 grams ofsugarand 1900 calories.

4. Number four we have Sonic Route 44 Cherry slush, which has 170 grams ofsugarand 640 calories, still no lean lightweight by any means.

5. Starbucks Venti strawberries topped with whipped cream has 120 grams ofsugar, and 750 calories.

6. Bob Evans, stacked and stuffed banana hotcakes contains 102 grams ofsugarand 1200 calories total.

7. Au Bons Pains bluberry yoghurt which contains 75 grams ofsugarand 440 calories.

8. Pei Wei’s orange peel beef has 66 grams ofsugarand calories of 1320.

9. Uno Chicago baby back ribs contains 62 grams ofsugar, 860 calories.

10. Oscar mayer maxed, contains 61 grams ofsugar, and 680 calories.

11. Panera’s sweet rolls, contain 61 grams ofsugarand 590 calories.

12. Sunkist orange this contains 52 grams ofsugarand 190 calories.

13. Dunkin Donut’s raisin cookie contains 51 grams ofsugarand 480 calories.

14. Panera’s muffin contains 47 grams ofsugarand 530 calories

15. Boston ’s markets cinnamon apples contains contains 42 grams ofsugarand 210 calories.

16. Subways sweet onion chicken contains 38 grams ofsugarand 740 calories

17. Uno Chicago’s grill spinach contains 30 grams ofsugarand 720 calories.

18. Bob Evans vegetable stirfry contains 31 grams ofsugarand 505 calories.

19. Kentucky fried chicken’s teriyaki wings contains 30 grams ofsugarand 480 calories.

20. Quaker natural granola contains 30 grams ofsugarand 420 calories.

When you actually sit back and look at this list you will probably notice that a lot of things that are listed here are from takeout food places some some aren’t, the whole problem is that when you’re eating out you don’t really know how muchsugarand/or calories that you are eating.

It is very rare these days to see on a menu how much something contains as regardssugarand calorie content as a nation and nations our eating habits have changed over the years, it is very rare these days for people to sit at a table and eat alunchtogether as a family when I was younger myself we used to do this regularly but most people these days eat their dinner in front of the television.

Due to the fact of the abundance of food that is around us is it no wonder that more takeout restaurants are popping up all over the place and quite clearly there is a need for it, otherwise the food industry would not be the multi-million pound industry it is to day, but it’s plain to see that it is costing our health as well obesity anddiabetesare becoming worldwide problem’s these days and is it any wonder when you look at list’s like this that it is occurring. People are just not very well educated when it comes to eating food that I’m afraid is the bottom line in all of this.

If you look at the top of the list some of these particular items contain more than person needs to eat in one day, it really is quite my opening when you read it, to what you can be eating and not even realising it. As far as calories andsugarare concerned.

Article source information frommen’s health


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