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20 Healthy Low Calorie Snack Ideas

Posted Mar 06 2009 2:03pm 2 Comments

In todays hectic life we can often end up eating the wrong foods as snack’s, but hopefully this list will encourage you or 2747742480_b1ef740314[1] anyone else for that matter, who wants or needs a healthy alternative.


Are great low calorie foods and have other health properties as well

Fruits that are less than 100 calories

1 x cup of cherries = 65 calories, health benefits are contain vitamin C, A, high in antioxidants, melatonin which helps with sleep, helps protect against heart disease and certain cancers, a lesser risk of developing diabetes, and has anti-aging properties also

1 x banana = 81 calories, not only that they have other vital minerals in such as potassium.

1 x orange = 77 calories and are a good source of vitamin C

1 x apple = 80 calories have pectin in, which is a fibre that expands in your stomach and keeps you fuller longer try eating a apple or two before a main meal and see how it keeps hunger at bay

1 x half a cup blueberries = 45 calories these have powerful antioxidant properties which may help prevent heart disease, unrinary tract infections, and may also prevent cancer

2 x plums = 60 calories these are great for stopping eye problems macular degeneration, great source of vitamin C which is a needed boost in the winter season

1 x grapefruit = 72 calories this a good fruit to eat if your concerned about getting diabetes, it lowers insulin consult, your health care professional if you are diabetic and want to eat grapefruit it can interact with certain medications

1 x tangerine = 37 calories also high in vitamin C and fibre

1 x kiwi fruit = 46 calories these are high in vitamin C E and A vitamins, and are also very high in fibre, so a great for keeping your digestion in good working order

1 x peach or nectarine = 37 calories health benefits are good for lowering cholesterol, and regenerating skin tissue and also contain many essential vitamins A B1,B2 which help keep the nervous system functioning correctly so if your feeling stressed a peach may be able to help.

1 x a half a cup of some raspberries = 41 calories, these are high in vitamin C, folate and potassium which can help with lowering blood pressure, and have high amounts of insoluble fibre, which is a benefit if you have constipation problems.

1 x half a cup of a fruit cocktail in its own juices = 60 calories the content of vitamins and minerals will be dependent on what is in the cocktail.

1 x ripe tomato or some cherry tomatoes = 33 calories health benefits are contain lypocene this is well known for keeping cancer at bay, this is because lypocene is a powerful antioxidant which protects cells from toxins from the environment eg pollutants, also contains vitamins A,C,K minerals, potassium and dietary fibre.


that are under a hundred calories

Contain lots of nutrition and essential vitamins and minerals

1 x cucumber = 60 calories, health benefits are high in water so will fill your stomach making you feel full, high in fibre essential for good digestive health, contains potassium for lowering blood pressure, also contains vitamin C and magnesium

1 x small sized baked potato = 80 calories potatoes are high in vitamin C, vitamin B6 as well as minerals potassium, magnesium, copper and a good source of dietary fibre which is essential for good stomach and bowel health

1 x oatmeal a full cup of  = 146 calories, eat half for one snack during the day or eat on alternate days, health benefits contains fibre that mops up cholesterol which end up in the stomach, and would otherwise end up in your blood stream

Contains soluble fibre which is good for people watching there blood sugar levels, so ideal for diabetics, this is because the carbs are released slowly, making you feel fuller longer you can eat porridge at any time of the day it’s a bit of a misconception that you just have to eat it for breakfast also contains vitamins E1 B1 and 2

1 x celery sticks small ones = 20 calories these contain vitamins A B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, E and K minerals, are a good source of potassium a known blood pressure lowering component and a good source of fibre, have a high levels of calcium which is good for nervous system function making you feel calmer if your overly stressed.

1 x piece of whole grain bread, toasted = calories 85 health benefits are high fibre content, so leaves you feeling fuller longer, contain B vitamins, iron which helps with the movement of oxygen to blood cells, magnesium for a healthy nervous system, and folate which is of benefit for keeping red blood cells healthy, great for overall digestive health, keeps you regular, or if you maybe having constipation problems

Dairy produce

has some health benefits not all are bad

1x egg hard boiled or poached, health benefits are high in protein low in cholesterol eggs contain a lot of vitamins. In particular, B vitamins and are high in vitamin B2 riboflavin, and vitamin B12 ,D and A.

they have many necessary minerals and other’s such as phosphorus, iodine and selenium and iron and zinc are present in lesser amounts. Eggs have had a lot of bad press at times there not as bad for you as once thought

1x small portion of low fat cottage cheese = 70 calories, health benefits, is the lowest in fat as far as cheeses go. Has a very good source of protein without the worry of eating to much fat, high levels of potassium see other foods above for health benefits of potassium, and high in calcium which is essential for healthy teeth and bones.

Going through this list should help you if your stuck for ideas for snacks, you could use the above to form a sandwich box that you can take anywhere, so your not tempted to eat other foods which can be the case when your at work, crisps and chocolate fit into office draws quite well so I hear.

If you have any other ideas for snack’s, do let me know I’m always open to other one’s that might not be present in this list.

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Low calorie snack - snacks have less than 400 calorie per serving(100g)
this web sucks a lot, it dosen't even have good info losers! 
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