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20 days left and counting.....

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:50pm
Wednesday night is here and I am half way through the week. So now we are definitely counting down the days!20 days left friends! Can't believe it! Really I can't. It just seems like yesterday when i started this. And I remember that time so clearly in my mind.

Before work I went to chapters to pick up a book the other day. Your going to laugh but I wanted to buy the Susan P owters newest book. I really liked her old one stop the insanity. It was more about eating natural good stuff, no fat, higher in carbs...I am just starting to get interested and researching in what information is out there, that I would be comfortable with for the maintenance. But I have to say I was really disappointed. She just babbled alot in that one, not alot of information or at least information people already wouldn't know.

So, I returned it this morning.. lol
I think I could have even written a better book then that. hehe

Anyways, lately I have been really really cold. My hands are always freezing and I just hate this time of year. I find after work I just cannot get home fast enough and into my pajamas where I am warm and comfy. And i kind of get hyper a bit..not as patient.

Physically I have been feeling really good actually. My energy hasn't been too bad however this morning I had a little bit of a low energy day. So I just made today just my cardio today and then Thursday and Friday will be my last 2 ( cardio /weight training) days of the week. I have been starting to crave things a little again. Not sure why. And of course mostly my favorite thing..SWEETS

They are the worst aren't they. annoying little suckers that stand in your mind, I hate them!

Well with only 20 days left, and 12lbs to lose I cannot help but think while writing this, impossible. And I am not sad about it, I really think perhaps Rob and I aimed for a number (which I came up with by the way) that was maybe just a little too low for me. I never considered weight from the muscles. Perhaps if I did not incorporate so much weights, maybe I could have hit that target of 125lbs. I dunno. But, then again...would I have looked the way I do today? Is the number more important, or is the actual physical output I have been able to give everyone to observe, and not to mention how I feel just amazing?

Well obviously i think i will go with number 2. What is a number on scale really? Doesn't even matter. It didn't matter then in the past and it certainly doesn't matter now. In the beginning I needed to weigh myself, and the only real reason why it may have been important at that time, was to just know where I stood as far as starting weight, that's it. Its just a number. But it was a number at that point I had to really take in, I had to really understand what I had done and to accept responsibility for it. I had to do this, people have to do that to begin change. No running from the truth. For years I did just that. And i hear it all the time from people. I don't get on the scale, i don't look at myself in mirrors I don't like my photo taken, words that sound oh so familiar to me....but if only they would understand its all in their hands to change that.

Who would not like to feel good? Inside and out? No one would say no to that. For those of you reading, that have a weight problem that you are facing everyday, anyone can change! Why not start living a life that you were meant to live, and to be confident, and free from all those negative thoughts on how you see yourself.

And whats important in this to remember, is once you start caring about yourself, you start REALLY caring if that makes any sense at all.

You begin to feel different instantly and that carries on throughout. The more you stick with it, the more you reject bad foods, the stronger you become. it really builds you as a person, when you begin to take control over your life again.

There was a blogger who probably will read this, who wrote me so many times, what do you eat? what do you eat? smiles.
The truth of the matter is, does it really matter what i eat? I eat fresh made things. Veggies, fruits, lean meats, salads all the stuff people already know to eat. No one has to tell you really.

If everyone would just start by loving themselves again, enough to start change. Its a tough journey I wont lie, but look at me, I made it friends! One example of someone who beat those odds. Someone so ordinary. Someone who was lost like many of you reading. And I did this in just one year just to prove that it CAN be done!! Think about that..12 months ..done!

I ate healthy, I never took anything unnatural to do this, I made exercise my newest best friend. That's it! That too is something you just will get used to.At first I wasnt really eager to start exercising, but like anything else, it becomes a habit and just a normal everyday thing that you get used to doing. I mean really, like I always said if you get that mental part down, you are really almost there. its all mental friends. You need to start changing your thoughts, taking away all those foods that are thrown at us everyday. Looking at them as something that you will only have on occasion, or once a week. Start making your 6 days a week, a time to change your bodies and give yourself just one to treat yourself for doing well for those days. Does that sound so hard? Its not hard, its about control. You just have to remember that on that following day, you NEED TO GET BACK IN CONTROL. Now that is the hardest part. This is why in the beginning Rob and I, never had cheat days until I was half way to my goal. That was my first cheat day about 5-6 months into this transformation.

And I am happy that I did it that way. I needed something extreme to get me on the the right path. It was tough, really hard in the beginning to give up my favorite "bad" foods for such a long period. Cause I was addicted to them like so many of us. Not really my fault, they are all over the place! Every corner you will find something bad, which makes it even harder to stay mentally stronger and to not give in.

But, by eliminating them completely, I was able to get them out of my system, so when I did have them, it wasn't such a big deal. I enjoyed them yes (before feeling sick) but, I was able no problem to go back to eating healthy again the very next day, and would be able to do so for quite a few weeks again. So this helped me in my case.

Start buying fresh fruit! So many out there to try. And vegetables, so many to choose from as well. What about making stir Fry's instead of fried chicken.
I mean tonight I had a about a cup of steamed broccoli / cauliflower mixed with my chicken, and a big salad. And I really enjoyed it actually and also felt full and satisfied. That's what its all about. No one says you have to starve! Come on, that's old news not to mention not the right news either. Just make better choices and remind yourself why you have chosen to do this.
You have to eat and exercise. Balance friends. Just remember that. And although we all KNOW that already, sometimes we all just need reminders.

Ya I have screwed up a few times myself during this year...but I am only human, its all about getting back on the boat and continuing on. Don't let it become a habit. You just need to tell yourself, I had one screw up day, and the next morning its back to where I should be. That's it. Do not let it take over you and your thoughts like I used to do. It would turn into 3-4-5 days of just eating garbage cause I gave up so fast..and then it was ...i will start on Monday..but always a reason would come up that I couldn't start on that day.

And today even I am still giving it all I got and staying strong right up until the end, that's the least I can do. why give up, not just yet. The final day is approaching, real fast I might say, and then if I cannot achieve my goal, well....either way I think I will be so much more relaxed and ready to start the maintenance stage of it all. No more pressure will be on me anymore. I set out to do something, and I did it, and I showed all of you that there is hope!

Anyways need to go make a tea. I am freeeeezzzing:)
less body fat..always cold..that does suck:)
talk soon
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